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Caloric Weight Loss Calculator

Caloric Weight Loss Calculator

Caloric Weight Loss Calculator


In this discussion about caloric weight loss calculators I talk about the use of these calculators to keep track of what you are eating on a daily basis to help with your weight loss regiment. But you do have to realise that not all calories are created equal. When one is looking to reduce weight and want to keep a calculation of their daily intake of calories to calibrate their weight loss one must not only think about calories but also think about the kind of calories they are consuming.

Like I say in the video not all calories are created equal and if you are serious about losing weight you must take into consideration the type of calories you are putting into your body.

Calories from saturated fats and sugars are going to increase you weigh must more rapidly than the calories from protein and complex carbohydrates. Also the use of a calories weight loss calculator will be of little help if the estimated and portion size is not correct .

Tools and devices like the caloric weight loss calculator can be helpful but if you are not eating highly nutritious foods rich in vitamins and minerals and fiber then you might lose the weight and reach you weight loss goals but it will only be temporary and the weight will ultimately come back on.

So the recommendation on the Caloric Weight Loss Calculator would be the app from MyFitness PAl you can find it here http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ and also don’t forget to download the Free Report of Eat Yourself Thin and start eating the right food to not only lose the weight but also be healthy .http://bit.ly/yourfreehealthreport

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