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Calculate Weight Loss By Calorie Deficit : Easy Method to Calculate A Calorie Deficit For Guaranteed Weight Loss

Calculate Weight Loss By Calorie Deficit Video

Calculate Weight Loss By Calorie Deficit

Easy Method to Calculate A Calorie Deficit For Guaranteed Weight Loss

Easy Method to Calculate A Calorie Deficit For Guaranteed Weight Loss

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There’s only one rule for losing weight and that is to be in a calorie deficit. If you are looking to lose weight use this simple method I show you in this video to calculate your calorie deficit and start losing weight today!

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  1. If I was you for example would I have to burn more calories than 2000 or Do I just have to eat 2000 calories a day ?

  2. I think this formula applies to people under 30% bodyfat. If you are over then you would use your lean body mass rather than your current weight.

    I'm 38, 5ft 7, endomorph, 195lbs. I paint 6 days a week, 8 hours per day, on my feet all day but I'm fat. Currently calorie consumption is 2600-3000 per day. If I dropped down my calorie consumption to 1800-2000 per day as the formula suggests then I would loose weight.

  3. NO! Just NO! However, from my understanding and research what the formula actually should be is take your IDEAL body weight or GOAL weight and multiply it by 10. There is no way your formula would work for someone really overweight. For example, I used to be 350+lbs. If I had used your formula I would have gained weight, even with exercise. You can use the Free TDEE calculator and enter your stats and it will tell you what your TDEE and basal metabolic rate and it will tell you exactly how many calories you should eat to Maintain your current weight, or how many to eat to Cut weight or to Bulk/Gain weight. https://tdeecalculator.net

  4. but multiplying by 10 is way low I guess, If its 13 or 12 I think is ok cuz, my wight is about 145-143 around that and I dont know If I can eat like 1500 calories or lower.

  5. Does it matter if you do 45min stair cardio? I’m 165 so means I have to eat round 1600 calories a day

  6. 1lb of fat = 3500 calories. Caloric intake varies based on daily physical activities. I wouldn’t trust this method.

  7. Not true at all!… for one if a guy weighs 200lbs and is already muscular but just has some extra fat he wants to lose does not need to eat only 2000cals a day!… for one if he hits the gym 5 timed a week and leads a general active lifestyle he will burn 2,800- 3,000 a day no problem so he can easily have 2,300- 2,700 a day a still lose fat! All you have to do is cut out 95% of refined sugars and eat low fat wholegrain foods, along with fruits and vegetables and cut out ALL the processed and empty caloric foods!… your method is way too low in calories!

  8. a caloric deficit doesnt mean SH*T . if you burn 2,000 cals in the gym & then go home & smash 1,000 calories of pure garbage , your not gonna lose ANY weight . the best way to lose weight is to stop pumping in the bullsh*t & get your azz to the gym & RAGE . this caloric deficit is a bunch of bullsh*t . enough

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