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BTS – Jimin Weight Loss Story 2013 – 2017

BTS – Jimin Weight Loss Story 2013 – 2017

BTS - Jimin Weight Loss Story 2013 - 2017

Jimin is a member of BTS and has struggled with his weight and body since debut.
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  1. I feel sad coz jimin why do u think ur fat ,,ur not at all ur face and body is just perfect ,just the way they are ,,,,,i loved it honestly,,,,,,,,

  2. I know I'm super late , but I don't think that calling Jimin's perfect is good , since he is a perfectionist , he'll expect himself to be perfect at everything and hold himself to high standards . Nobody is perfect , but Jimin is right just the way he is๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ’œ

  3. The real problem is that he needs to eat healthy. That's all.
    He needs to face it, and fix it. Because starving himself is not the right thing to do. Hope he understands that.
    With all the dancing and practices they have, eating healthy is all he needs to do.

    You can still see muscles, and he isn't unhealthy skinny.
    I feel like the video made it sound worse than it really is.
    But I do hope he takes care of himself, cuz 1 meal a day or less is NOT good.

  4. Jimin with chubby cheeks: adorable, makes me bust UwUs everywhere, squishy and cute. Perfect
    Me with chubby cheeks: Who dis pig?

  5. No one in this world is perfect not even jimin but that doen't matter he doesn't need to be perfect he needs to be himself

  6. He lost a lot of weight during Boy WIth Luv. I don't know if he relapsed or something but he was really skinny for the Map of the Soul: Persona comeback

  7. I like bst era his body is perfect and boy with luv is the bestest era jimin has a best body shape he does not need to gain and lose weight his body is just perfect all fangirls fanboys are dying we are gay for him what army want we just want that he stays as he like love u jiminah

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