Weight Loss

Body Types + Weight Loss (EXERCISE AND DIET TIPS)

Body Types + Weight Loss (EXERCISE AND DIET TIPS)

Body Types + Weight Loss (EXERCISE AND DIET TIPS)

Body Types | Ectomorph | Mesomorph | Endomorph | Weight Loss | Exercise | Diet

Hello loves and welcome back to my channel!

Today, I am going through the three body types to help show you how you can lose weight and tone up.

I am discussing the attributes of an ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph before we dive in deeper to share some research on what I have found to lose weight in terms of macros and exercise routines. I hope you all enjoy!

Love Holly xx

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Ectomorph Attributes:
– Fast metabolism, difficulty gaining weight and muscle. Small bone structure, narrow waist, small wrists. Tend to be tall and lean. Capacity for cardiovascular endurance like running.

Mesomorph Attributes:
– Medium bone structure and an athletic frame. Gain muscle mass easily and loses weight fairly quickly but can gain weight quickly and lose muscle quickly.

Endomorph Attributes:
– Bigger bone structure and higher body fat percentage. Put weight on easily, due to a slow metabolism and struggle to maintain.

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  2. Amazing. Thanks for this video. Ugh im the second one. I had to be in a strict diet and work out every day all my life not to gain. When i stoped the strict diet and started eating like a normal healthy human i gained weight. So went from 102 to 107. Then 130. Now working to loose. I wish i was the first one. Aging sucks too, becomes difficult to push oneself.

  3. Speaking fast coupled with your accent made impossible for me to understand what you said….however I do love your routines and watch all your videos.I have learned a lot from you.Thank you.

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