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Body Fat Calculations

Body Fat Calculations

Body Fat Calculations

This video will guide you through the process of calculating body fat % from skin fold measurements. You will calculate fat mass, fat free (lean) mass and ideal (target) mass. You will then see how the results can be used to formulate SMART goals.

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  1. What these 3 measurements……we need only one measurement know?????? Ohk what about MEN skin folds plz answer me!!!😩

  2. I realise it would complicate the calculations more, but I would allow for some loss of lean mass while losing fat as well. I know this is likely to be less for an untrained female than a trained male, as they would have less muscle to lose and there is also the possibility that, if they are untrained and adopt an appropriate resistance training program while losing weight, they could potentially gain some lean mass, but either way, it is something that people should consider when making calculations.

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