Weight Loss

Big Z Weight Loss : Savickas Big Z Diet | Delts | Biceps | Triceps | ENG subs | 4k

Big Z Weight Loss Video

Big Z Weight Loss

Savickas Big Z Diet | Delts | Biceps | Triceps | ENG subs | 4k

Savickas Big Z Diet | Delts | Biceps | Triceps | ENG subs | 4k

4-time World’s Strongest Man winner
8-time Arnold Strongman Classic winner
Zydrunas reveals his training and diet secrets. Why he lost some weight? How much food does he eat? How many times a week he trains specific body parts? What kind of injuries bothers him? And the main questions will we ever see him on stage as a winner?
All this and much much more you will know about in this video.
Enjoy, guys!
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  2. he is the best overhead presser in the worlds history ( except my nephew he ohp ed 40 kgs at 40 kg bw ) 😀

  3. Differences between legeeends myths gooods is simple – they train with shirt. No ego, no narcism, no noothing. He definitely has nice shape, but he got an aim, a purpose – to continue being legendary. This include and itself is actual for all human beings around world who are real men too. These legends doesnt compare themselves, doesnt vlogs eating, driving cars and motorcycles, pick up chicks etc. They just live regular live with legendary spirit.

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