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Best Weight Loss Meal Plan Reddit : KETO: Answering Questions from Reddit! (r/keto)

Best Weight Loss Meal Plan Reddit Video

Best Weight Loss Meal Plan Reddit

KETO: Answering Questions from Reddit! (r/keto)

KETO: Answering Questions from Reddit! (r/keto)

Hey, folks!

Today, we are answering questions from the Keto subreddit! I hope you enjoy!

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  1. The bride could have allowed her to bring her food and had the caterer plate up her keto food and serve it along with all the other meals. Bonus to the bride is that you save money on a meal.

  2. I found you on utube by accident when I wanted to lose weight with keto. The one video I found stuck with the most is where you went overboard with your starting and then realized you didn’t need to do that much. Pretty much keep it simple is what you said. Please direct me back to those videos so I can see them again. Did you ever do an egg fast to start keto or break a stall? Please help me with jumping back in, I need to lose about 15 pounds before a wedding in next six weeks! I need help!!

  3. Keto snacks can fit in a purse and to save face with the bride is munch on jerky almonds or something that dan fit in your purse if you have to take rid edge off . You can step out of the crowd to nibble and go back . Take your drink with you but honestly I have been able to find mostly keto food at places like that .focus on the protein and veg .

  4. Please talk about your experience with OMAD. I started keto 30 days ago watching your videos! You inspired me. Thank you so much. I also started intermittent fasting (this is my week 2 of intermittent fasting) I have lost 10 pounds (20 to go) But I am having issues with the what to eat (drink) while fasting…I drink coffee, water, and broth…I really want a diet coke at least once a day!!! What is your opinion (experience ) on that. Again, thank you so much for your help. Keep inspiring!

  5. None Keto people all seem to think all sorts of bad stuff about Keto! Those people know nothing about it but they still run their mouth. I eat before so I'm not hungry and find something there to snack on. No ones going to watch what your eating. They will be watching the bride.

  6. Allie, I lost 46lbs in 6 mo. when I started keto vegetarian 20 months ago. I ended up with kidney stones and had surgery. It scared me so bad that I stopped keto and gained back 40. I have tried numerous times in the past several months to doing keto/egg fasts. I manage to get into ketosis but the scale doesn’t budge. I thought I knew what I was doing, but really struggling. Can you help?

  7. I am Keto shamed at work all the time! Its supper annoying! Once on one of the donut Friday someone actually came over to my desk and in a very snarky tone said "Sorry Sonja they were all out of Bacon Donuts." Then she deliberately took a bite of her donut and walked away. I wish I was as smart mouthed as her because boy did I have things I wanted to say!!!

  8. Yep, 20 net carbs got me to goal, 55 lbs. Tracked studiously, weighed daily. Now I track and weigh every few days.👍

  9. In my experience if I say I cut carbs/sugar people are ok or impressed but if I say I’m Keto they freak

  10. I'm also starting to drink ACV,stevia,cinnamon and lemon juice and cayenne pepper.i really like the taste and will report if I notice any difference

  11. I dont get why its offensive if someone brings snacks,its not putting anyone out .and also I understand the fact that your diet is important.i dont care if I offend,no one is being put upon with my needs.but I'm southern and we dont do all the fancy shit and we dont like political correctness ,we live as we believe and if it offends then we will tell you just what to kiss,and do it with a nice smile and sweet tone.use good manners even when cussing ppl out.lmao

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