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Best Weight Loss Meal Plan Reddit : How To Turn Healthy Food Into Tasty Food for Weight Loss (r/loseit)

Best Weight Loss Meal Plan Reddit Video

Best Weight Loss Meal Plan Reddit

How To Turn Healthy Food Into Tasty Food for Weight Loss (r/loseit)

How To Turn Healthy Food Into Tasty Food for Weight Loss (r/loseit)

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Reddit posts: https://www.reddit.com/r/loseit/comments/aphsrw/lets_play_a_game_to_help_us_lose_weight/
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  1. This is the best thread ever. I honestly love vegetables, and have never had a problem eating them! But i don’t like particular veggies like bell peppers, or raw onion (though I’m getting better with green onion!)

    I also get really bored with eating the same food in the same fashion over and over again, so this thread???? An absolute lifesaver!

  2. Oatmeal. Make granola. Lightly toast the oats along with shredded coconut and nuts of your choice. I like to add tarragon, cinnamon, and coconut extract. Add some maple syrup and stevia to toasted oat mixture. Mix until evenly coated. Put on baking sheet and flatten until it's like one sheet of sticky oats. Put in oven at 275 for 20 minutes or so. Let cool completely. Then break into chunks. If you don't go crazy with the nuts you have a low calorie snack. I like to eat it before bed so I don't get late night cravings.

  3. Make bang bang cauliflower! 2tbsp olive oil, 3tbsp of sweet chilli sauce. Mix with the cauliflower. Add chilli powder, and any herbs/spices you want. Bake in the oven for 10-15 mins. So nice 🤤🤤

  4. Sugar actually changes your taste buds (for the worst) so if you want these healthy foods to taste good, then go cold turkey on sugar for a week (if you can do more, that's even better) and you'll notice veggies and meat tastes better.

  5. Hey would you do a video on people who’ve managed to lose weight with PCOS or diabetes’s? I could use a little encouragement, especially with being at a plateau for the last 6 months

  6. Not sure if cauliflower needs drained/squeezed for a mash, but I learned the hard way it does for a crust. Just throwing it out there for the uneducated. Don't want anyone ending up with a sad, gross mushy crust like I did!!

  7. I have another 2 topics for you.

    What is the creepiest/strangest thing you have found on the deep web?


    Paramedics, what are the worst call outs you've ever received?

  8. Oats. I loveeee this type of oatmeal. I kinda formed it myself and it's the only way I eat it. It's so good and just 350kcal for my portion size.

    1/2cup instant oats
    1 banana
    Some cinnamon, vanilla extract, salt, tbsp cocoa powder (optional)
    Peanut butter

    I mash the banana and add the optional ingredients. Sometimes I add cocoa powder to make it chocolatey, sometimes I just want it without it.
    I add my oats and add enough water then microwave for a minute.
    Add a tablespoon of peanut butter on top. Enjoy.
    It's so easy and fast to make. I usually wait for the banana to be almost black (it's still good for eating). It's usually very sweet when overipe and I don't need any sugar or honey.

  9. My easiest cooking hacks are as follows… by every variety of mrs. Dash seasoning. Learn how to saute with very little olive oil. Roasting makes every vegetable taste better. Root vegetables, anyway. Cumin is a really good tasting seasoning, and so is smoked paprika. If you have never tried to make a Buddha bowl, look that ish up. It's fantastic. Kale salad is ridiculously easy to make, you just need kale, oil, lemon juice, and seasoning. The secret to good stir fry is rice vinegar and sesame oil. And lentils with mushrooms, and chopped red onions particularly, can be really fantastic. Lentils are my favorite cheap protein-rich food. They're quick to cook, taste great, and you can even Sprout them. They actually start sprouting themselves after a few days in the fridge LOL. I really, really hope that people are getting motivated by these videos. Best of luck to you all!

  10. If you eat oatmeal for breakfast, mash one ripe banana and put it in your oatmeal instead of sugar/honey or whatever you sweeten your oatmeal with. Game changer.

  11. try spinach with tomato lemon salt and and a little bit of tuna it’s delicious and keep you satisfied.

  12. Thanks to this channel and Ailurus, I have been inspired to start training for an annual 5k run for the Fourth of July in my city. Currently over 300 lbs but 365 days from now my goal is to jog the 5k with my son's stroller

  13. I don’t know why, but when people add dressing or cook vegetables, I get offended. They taste fine raw and untouched by spices or condiments. Plus when you cook them they loose nutritional value

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