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Best Weight Loss Foods To Juice : Juice Cleansing Diet: Does It Work? | UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

Best Weight Loss Foods To Juice Video

Best Weight Loss Foods To Juice

Juice Cleansing Diet: Does It Work? | UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

Juice Cleansing Diet: Does It Work? |  UCLA Center for Human Nutrition

Sometimes called juice fasts or even the Hollywood diet as some actors use them to lose weight temporarily, juice cleansing is controversial. Juices contain antioxidant and microbiome benefits, but is it a sustainable solution for weight loss?
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  1. Dude, we don't need protein. We need the amino acids. Fruit is abundant in amino acids. Fruit feasting CURES disease! Protein fries the kidneys and causes disease

  2. @ucla health – I will listen to so called Drs only if i do not want to live longer.
    You are aN idiot, buddy. I suggest you go back to the college you attend to get your “degree” and ask for money back.
    My kidneys were healed using juicing and fasting and not to mention all the other health problems that were corrected by this method. I’ve been using this method and do not eat meat dairy chicken eggs cheese and all the other crap

  3. When you juice feast you are supposed to use high protein vegetables like leafy greens, even carrots and celery have protein in fresh juices. This doc is ignorant as can be about juicing and nutrition.

  4. False!!!!! U can always add proteins to your juices , you can also choose veggies and fruits low in sugar content plus its not processed sugar it’s all natural!!! Juicing wasn’t meant just to be used to lose weight and fat it’s used to get your nutrients on a daily basis !

  5. Am just starting to juice again and eat meat for dinner with salads, nothing wrong with that.
    I'd like to see vegetarians fight meat eaters, that would solve the problem of what a healthy food regime is. Rockefeller Foundation has nations competing to create a superior race of men with scientific use of foods. These men will be the future leaders of the world, are these our presidents, hmmmm?

  6. Part of the confusion and misunderstanding here among professionals and the general public is our underestimation in our ability to become addicted to food.

    Is our “hunger” a genuine hunger? Do our bodies really need food when we feel “hungry”, or is our hunger a craving for stimulation? Are we using food as a stimulant / anti-depressant because we have a problem within our minds (an unresolved conflict)? Could the weakness and discomfort we experience from not eating be the withdrawal symptoms of food addiction? My experience and understanding is that–yes, we are indeed largely using food as a stimulant / anti-depressant! Not only are we overfeeding ourselves, but we are also overfeeding our children and pets. This overfeeding, and the toxic consequences of it, has been detailed in many books through the decades (see the writings of Bernard Jensen).

    We can now begin to understand why fasting is so therapeutically beneficial to so many conditions. And we can now also understand why in Traditional Chinese Medicine, for example, –whether the infant develops colic, which (if untreated) can progress to alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation, which in turn can progress to skin rashes and chest infections, which in turn can progress even further to allergies, and or, ear infections…–one of the ancient remedies is to withhold breastfeeding and infant formulas to give the gut a chance to rest from the insane barrage of food our bodies were never meant to endure.

    We can now also begin to understand what must be one of the fundamental, underlying contributors to human and animal disease–the arthritis, the cancer, the heart disease, the neurological diseases, and much more.

    Note that what you have just read here is not yet understood by either the general population or by professionals such as medical doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists, veterinarians, or even by most within the alternative / complementary / natural healing professions.

  7. I'm sorry….this is BS! We don't even need as much protein as these doctors keep telling us we do. I mean if you think about it…if we get healthier then doctors are out of money. In fact, doctors tell us that we need to eat multiple times a day and that's wrong. That wears down our stomachs quickly and causes disease. Our stomachs need rest.

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