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B Complex Weight Loss : Nutrition Tips : Benefits of Taking a Vitamin B Complex

B Complex Weight Loss Video

B Complex Weight Loss

Nutrition Tips : Benefits of Taking a Vitamin B Complex

Nutrition Tips : Benefits of Taking a Vitamin B Complex

The benefits of taking a vitamin B complex include increased energy, less anxiety and elevated mood. Use vitamin B supplements to stabilize mood with advice from a nutritionist and herbalist in this free video on nutrition.

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  1. Thanks. Sorry you didn't mention best food sources considering your stated credentials. Too many supplements have the synthetic vit folic acid included with the B complex. Food sourced b complex yes, synthetic vitamins especially folic acid no.🍉🥑🍓🍅Stay Blessed

  2. I was wondering about B complex. Today was my first day I took B complex vitamins and was wondering should I take it for the rest of my life or for 5 to 10 years? Is it OK to stop taking this vitamin?

  3. I take vitamin b complex medicine at night after food and at night around 2:30 am by stomach starts making sound what it means plz help🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. any males notice their sex drive increases when taking a B Vitamin complex? I mean literal, who needs Viagra when you got B Vitamins… Plus, the energy part and increased blood is amazing.

  5. All she say was right! I was really depressed, anxious after i had miscarriage. My Obgyn prescribe a Vitamin B- complex and fish oil. before I was not expecting this because i though it was just a normal vitamins. But after i took it, I’m not anxious anymore, I don’t overthink things, my mind is so calm. that’s why i search about b-complex and found out this. Wow!

  6. Vit B complex is great.. and because its water soluable its not harmful like iron supplements. Everything she said is true..! I think it's best to keep dosage low however all these pills with 10-100 mg is wayyy to much. keep it to 1-3 micrograms a day. It just passes through you anyway.

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