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Australian Weight Loss Calculator : Macros & Weight Loss: My Story! // How I started | Duration of Tracking | Long-term Goals

Australian Weight Loss Calculator Video

Australian Weight Loss Calculator

Macros & Weight Loss: My Story! // How I started | Duration of Tracking | Long-term Goals

Macros & Weight Loss: My Story! // How I started | Duration of Tracking | Long-term Goals

I go in depth about my journey with macro counting!
I share loads of personal experiences and up and downs that I’ve had along the way as well as telling you how I started tracking, how I have changed since my initial weight loss, what worked for mw, what didn’t, and heaps more!

I really hope this video helped you to understand my personal journey with macros and that you can see that NO-ONE is perfect when it comes to progress and weight loss.
Please remember that what works more me and is ideal for me may not be effective for you.

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  1. Binge eating vid please 🙏🏽 I found your channel last night and Iam hooked! So super informative and real, thanks for sharing your journey

  2. Kate this video has helped me realise I think I need a coach!! I have successfully lost 20 kilos tracking macros however it was never a gradual drop just slashed it straight away and now am struggling with tracking. I have gone to binge eating again and mentally struggling all round. I did have pt guidance however I need to rethink the approach I think. I also either bindge or am super restrictive which isn't healthy I need to strive for a healthy relaxation shop with food. Thanks so much for the extra info. Time to do some research and get a coach I think!! Thanks again xox

  3. Waited until after Easter to watch this because I knew I would need some inspo lol. But now you have me convinced and I'm about to up my cals from 1400 to 1700. Eek.

  4. Yes to both Kate!! The personal experience with binge eating and The My Fitness Pal app tutorial. Please love and thank you!!

  5. Hi Kate 🙂 Such an informative video and you have given me so much motivation to not give up and that I'm not the only person that slips up and binges ! A video about your binging would be great ! I was also just wondering what watch are you wearing in this video ?

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