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Are You In The Weight Loss Zone? Find out with the Dr. Boz Ratio!

Are You In The Weight Loss Zone? Find out with the Dr. Boz Ratio!

Are You In The Weight Loss Zone? Find out with the Dr. Boz Ratio!

In this video I explain how measuring your blood glucose and ketone levels can move you into the weight loss zone. It’s simple math that I call the #DrBozRatio and this video will help you understand what’s going on in your body and how to tell if your ketogenic diet is going to give you the results you want.

Learn more about measuring Ketones here: https://bozmd.com/measuring-ketones-is-important/

Using Exogenous Ketones is a great little boost to help get your body burning ketones, give you a quick hit of energy and I’ve even been told it’s a nice little mood booster.

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Here’s what one reviewer on Amazon said:
“I have tried many different exogenous ketone drinks and supplements. This one was one of the best that I have tried. Do yourself a favor and add a little heavy whipping cream to it. It will not disappoint.”

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The most common questions I get …

1) “Doc, what BLOOD METER do you recommend?”

ANSWER: FORACARE: http://bit.ly/2QKGmKG

For years my diabetics told me this system was great. I tried several others before I bought this one. I can’t count the number of times I have tested my blood only to get an ERROR message from the strip. Grrr. I hate that. FORACARE gets my vote because it is accurate and takes only ONE test strip to get the results. YES!!

For a one-time 10% discount use the Promo-code: Dr.Boz

2) “Doc, what can I have while fasting?”

Salt and water is the best.
The next best is a fasting tea. My favorite Pique Teas (also recommended by Jason Fung, MD): https://piquetea.life/drboz
Black coffee is okay during a fast.
Bone broth is alright.


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LACHLYN: Lachlyn is a Type 1 Diabetic that is sharing her keto journey on The Dr Boz Show.

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  1. What do you have to say about the latest studies showing that you should not starve a virus and it can be fatal? The study showed that if you have bacteria problem it can be beneficial but the type of sickness you have matters when fasting.

  2. Been on Keto diet for over a month. Fasted for 90 hrs. At one point had 81 G, 2.7 K, ratio 30, Broke fast with a salad and bacon and egg dinner. 2 hrs later I'm 89 G, ,5 K, 178 ratio….apparently I'm doing something wrong. Frustrated but not giving up !

  3. I got my for care yesterday and was SO DISAPPOINTED when my morning Dr. Boz number was 130!! Blood glucose was 78 and ketones at .6.
    No wonder I'm not losing weight. Gonna need to tweak my plan!!

  4. Im also on a strict OMAD, today is my 4th fasting day, only black coffee & water. I checked my blood this morning, my glucose was 67, my ketones 7.6 isnt this too high? Im really concerned. I do IF every day. This is my first long fasting, 4 days. I will eat some bone broth later on today, due to hubby pestering me about. Can someone please answer? Thanks in advance😊

  5. Dr. Boz, when I got up this morning around 5.30 am, my ketone levels were 1.5. After a light 30 minute walk on the treadmill they were down to 1.1. No surprise there. But then they kept dropping all day. .9, .5, .4. And now, at 12:30, 4 hours after exercising, the meter reads LO. And I have not eaten anything since last night! I expected to increase my Dr Boz ratio by exercising but instead i have done exactly the opposite. Can you help me make sense of this?

  6. Thank you for this video and for your channel. We're going to buy your book this week. This ratio math makes a lot of sense

    On one point, however, I'm a bit confused. All of the blood sugar charts I can find say it's dangerous to let your blood sugar get below 70. Is that not true?

  7. Are you planning to make your exogenous ketone salts available in Australia. I can only find one seller (on Amazon) and they don't ship to Australia.

    Love the videos and the audio book.

  8. No weight loss after 10 days, urine strips say "trace" lightest pink tinge on strip. Eating 20 carbs per day, trying to eat higher fat than protein,…NOTHING is happening. uuuggg. My skinnier friends have lost 12 pounds, I just don't understand it. HELP!!!

  9. Hi Dr Boz, I am always fellow your teaching and impressed, unfortunately I alway worried with one question in my mind. I am in my ideal wait ., mean I very skinny but have pre diabetes. I am in my three days keto diet and my blood sugar is 5 . Do you think I can gain wait in keto diet , kike may be muscle. Is it good to go gym for lifting weights?

  10. Should I go back to 36hr. fast . I finished a 11 day fast a few weeks ago. I had not trouble ,no hunger after fist day. I am not over weight by my memory and other brain function is way below par for me. After the 11 day water only fast . I felt good and have more energy. I can spell again my brain is much better. So do I do it again? I feel I am going backward after that
    long Fast was no problem at all for me. PS weight loss is not my goal, my brain function is my biggest concern. Any advice is welcome. Thanks Bonny Ps I jut turned 80 last sunday. Always healthy my whole life.

  11. In an attempt to reverse my Type 2 Diabetes, I am doing a 14 day water and black coffee fast, I am now on day seven, I am feeling Wonderful, but me blood markers are what I am concerned about this am reading was:
    B/G: 64
    KETONES: 6.5
    DR. BOZ RATION IS: 9.8
    is this something I should be concerned about?

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