Weight Loss

Antipsychotics, weight gain and weight loss

Antipsychotics, weight gain and weight loss

Antipsychotics, weight gain and weight loss

This is my journey from me (pre-antipsychotics) gaining weight from various meds to losing it again. If you’re taking antipsychotics and worried about weight gain, it’s gonna be ok! 🧡

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  1. I used to be very skinny when I was younger I liked being skinny but then my mom apparently was going to put me on pediasure but then I started gaining weight fast and now I’m 244 lbs and I feel like a cow and I hate it I’m pretty sure I’ve been on dispersions for most of my life I’m 17 years old this Friday and I feel like I’m overweight my mom says I’m not but I know I Am obviously because I looked up how much a 17 year old boy should weigh and it said way lower than 200 I feel ashamed with my body and depressed because people are always calling me fat and I hate it because I know I am
    I will stop taking Risperidone and see how that changes my weight I guarantee the weight will fall off me if I stop taking it but I need to do it without telling my mom because she will tell me oh if you don’t take your medications you could get sick or whatever no I won’t get sick I will just be more hyper than usual I take basically 4 meds but I take 3 because one of them is a combination of two meds I used to take so I will stop taking risperidone for a little bit to see if that changes anything and I hope it does

  2. thanks for this video. hopefully the makers of these drugs and the drs that prescribe them burn in hell. i used to love my body, ill never forgive them, obviously

  3. Hate it when doctors try to give you advice to lose weight by telling you to count your calories and execise.they dont tell you how to stop your hunger, every time i eat a meal i feel like i didnt eat anything at all.

  4. I've gained so much weight from olanzapine and sertraline. I have a craving for apples and I end up eating 6 of them and honey on toast. I watch so many weight lost videos but none of them seem to work on me.

  5. Zyprexa made me gain. I went from the 120's to the 140's in less than 3 months. In 4 months I was in the 150's by 6 months – the 160's. Was taken off at my request and put on another med. Lost 10 lbs immediately, but since I started at 120, I was still unhappy. Implemented keto and Intermittent fasting and the weight slid off. https://youtu.be/WILu0d2TnfQ. My weight is now slighly under what I was before Zyprexa!

  6. I need to stop my Clozapine. I am training to become an amateur boxer – Lightweight division. I cannot lose the necessary 35kg while I am on Clozapine. I have a Psychiatrist appoinment to convince them to take me off Clozapine. I believe I am strong enough mentally to come off it.

  7. My doctor desperately tries to tell me that the weight gain is due to me getting older… Due to me not eating right. Due to me not working out anymore (which i refuse to as the pills would only hold me back). And tries convince me that the weight gain is all in my head. I lost my physique I was proud of, and I'm really conscious of how my body is. I'm gonna be turning 18 soon, so I'll be able to stop the meds. I'm excited. I've been waiting since tenth grade, now I'm in 12th. I'm dying to workout again, my body needs it, and my mind craves it.

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