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adjusted meal times for night shift workers

adjusted meal times for night shift workers

adjusted meal times for night shift workers

Every body has a master clock, in the body every cell and every organ has its own clock. Night shift worker, these clock are out-of sync, this disturbance can lead to weight gain. Adjusted meal times can help to prevent weight gain in night shift workers.

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  1. If you work an 8 hour night shift let’s say you go home and your not tired try working out for an hour than shower than sleep or if you go home take a warm/hot shower and go to sleep when you wake up drink water if ur hungry eat sumthing small or a bar and workout or workout a couple hours before ur shift starts.

  2. Thanks for the upload, very informative. I work the night shift and this is helpful. The only question I have to ask is when is the ideal time for exercise when working the night shift?

  3. The drawing was pretty informative but it doest work for me i start 9pm finish at 6am then i go to thr gym so now i get home like 9.30am by the time i get home do what i need to do im in bed about 11am or 12 pm then i cant sleep right away i have blackout curtains which help so ill say im going to bed like actually sleeping about 2pm to 3pm get up about 8 pm for work in super tired drain now being up like 16 hours is so bad

  4. Thank you. I work a 12hr 4 on 4 off night shift an have been gaining wait since I started. I have no idea when to eat at night or what to eat. This isn't a perfect system because I feel like everyone works a different kind of night shift schedule but its helpful and it does give me an idea of when to eat verses when to sleep etc.

  5. soooo….stop worrying about timing…and counter-intuitively prepare LOTS of good keto and/or paleo food so you will have somthing to run and eat when some well meaning soul throws pizza or bagels in front of you. NEVER depend on self-control or timing when you are working a job as stressful and hours as difficult at night shift. Be a realist and know that you WILL be hungry and you will not be able to eat WHEN you want when you are taking care of sick human beings who dont care whether you have taken a piss/crap…let alone trying to follow an eating scheduale…lets get real !!! In fact i believe you are on track when you hear people tell you "man, that is a BIG bag of food" and "are you sure you dont want any pizza?" and "man that salad with all that meat and cheese looks good" and "wow you eat alot at work"…think lots of finger foods like veggies and dip, meat, cheese, salads, fatty meats….get yourself full and stay full !! Allow yourself to fast for at least 12-16 hours between shifts…i try to do one or two shifts per week when i dont eat as long as i can from my last meal at work to my 1st meal back at work…INTERMITTENT FASTING between shifts ! Then EAT at work and eat often. This advice is for people who are not naturally skinny and actually like food. I heard some skinny fool on night shift the other night say "i really hate eating…it is really just a chore!" Yes i am jealous. That said, try it my beautifuls !!!

  6. LOL, seems to make sense…but then so did strapping on giant bird wings and man attempting to fly by flapping wings. Look, this MIGHT work for some people…but i can tell you from 12 years as an RN watching people of all shapes and sizes….watch WHAT you eat more than when you eat. Go paleo or keto please and bring hard candy to stave off eating all the crap that circulates at the RN's station like chips, cookies, cakes, donuts, bagels, etc… Learn to say no to free food and prepare plenty of food to have ready to eat….or you WILL end up eating the wrong thing AND at the wrong time. Prep meals for a few days worth and stack em in your fridge and freezer cuz ur gunna b too tired to throw anything together for your shifts (i work three 7a-7p in a row on the regular). I have not lost any weight but i have also not gained any and im 48 years old.

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