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AC Joint Separation – Pain Free in Minutes with These Techniques

AC Joint Separation – Pain Free in Minutes with These Techniques

AC Joint Separation - Pain Free in Minutes with These Techniques

https://www.carterpt.com/ac-joint/ – This video covers a variety of manual therapy techniques that quickly resolved the remaining pain and limitations of an AC joint injury. AC joint strains and AC joint separations can often lead to long-term pain and limited range of motion if they are not treated appropriately. So, if your therapist is not using hands-on physical therapy treatments that quickly reduce or get rid of the pain completely and improve your ability to move your shoulder, you are missing out.

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We also offer free in-person consultations called “Discovery Sessions,” which are designed to figure out the primary causes of your pain or injury, create a physical therapy plan to fix it, and introduce you to our manual physical therapy clinic in Austin to make sure we’re a good fit for your needs. Given the popularity of this service, we can only offer a small number of these free consultations each week. Click here to schedule your Discovery Session in advance: https://www.carterpt.com/free-physical-therapy-consultation-in-austin/

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  1. I’ve been in pain in my collarbone shoulder and chest area for two years my I don’t know if it’s a separation but I can slightly pull my shoulders out of my arm if that might mean anything my sternum pops a lot as well I also get grating and some popping in my clavicle I use to bench and do a lot of dips the pain is very severe and has a heavy feeling to it and when laying down and getting up after a while it’s even worse also I have a lot of cracking and tightness in my traps would I benefit from these types of massage and do you think I have a similar problem as the guy in the video as some of the symptoms he explained where similar to mine and also what do you recommend I should do to recover the pain is very debilitating and I’m barely managing my physio just gives me simple upper back strengthening exercises to do which have proven useless

  2. This is great idea! I have tried it on myself on upper trapezius and it helped immediately! I wish I have much longer arms….

  3. BS. There is no way that a half assed massage like that can have a significant impact on an AC joint separation. Do you do faith healing too?

  4. this injury really sucks. i collided with one of my teammates in a hockey game about 2 years ago and i still haven’t gotten it back to 100% i’d literally do anything to have the full range back 😩 working out is so aggravating with it. i’m constantly getting fatigued in that area and it just sucks

  5. I’ve suffered chronic pain for 13 months and didn’t know I had this until last week just kept hoping it would heal on its own I’ve pinned it down to falling backwards off my little girls hover board Christmas 2017

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