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9 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight After 60

9 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight After 60

9 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight After 60

Losing weight after 60 is tough! Why? Because, unfortunately, as we get a little older, it is far too easy to let excuses prevent us from finding the health and happiness that we deserve.

So, today, I want to give you 9 tips for achieving healthy aging and getting to a healthy weight. I hope that you find them useful!

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Here are today’s community questions.

What positive steps have you made with regards to your health recently? Do you work out? Cook healthy food? Take long walks? Why do you think that losing weight after 60 is so tough?

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  1. Margaret, I really like your video. I see that it was two years ago but I am going to subscribe and I hope you have continued because you have some potential that I have seen other people I have not had. Did that make sense? Back in 2010 I topped out at 282 pounds. Since then I have had a double bypass in 2012 but have lost a total of over a hundred pounds, very slowly. I was taking a lot of insulin so I went off of all ads on for six months to lose 40 pounds and that was in 2016. Evidently there's not too many over 60 YouTubers. Martin Brodel is a YouTuber who has been struggling with YouTube and he also enables people to contribute through patreon. Could I suggest that also. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I really liked your video and hope you are doing well.

  2. After midlife, many women find out that their thyroid function begins to slow down. Low thyroid function will cause weight gain; or at least make losing weight painfully slow. This happened to me. Recently, my doctor ran some tests and found me to have a low thyroid condition. Now that I take thyroid medicine, the excess weight is finally coming off….without doing any severe dieting.

  3. women over 60 should gain an average of 10 lbs to /people used to know that. / you decide if you want a full and wrinkle free face,, /or a eternal size 4,, you cannot have both,, gaining weight at 50 is perfectly normal. i have 10 lbs more on and i haven't aged for 10 years.

  4. Hi Marget-Dory here in Chicago. I love your Vlog. Thanks for the good tips on weight loss. I will be implementing the walks, the tea and reminders to move throughout the day. Wishing you the best across the pond!

  5. Good information … let's face it we all know many of these but your reminder is great. Yes, I'm trying to lose. I lost 30 lbs 2 years ago and have put back 8. I haven't been walking as much as I like (very hot summer and early harsh winter so far. Yoga isn't for weight loss but it does keep me aware of my gains/losses and flexibility when it changes for the worse.

  6. I need to lose weigh do to my health very important but I have no life, no friends and live along. I have got a “no care attitude “!

  7. Outside walking is so good to breath fresh air.Our summers are brutal here in Texas so walking in stores or malls anywhere cool can be done.
    I am losing weight and am very conscious of any weight gain. Aka: The scale helps. Weighing is a reminder of what really is.. and very encouraging even with when the scale says a half a pound has been loss because that means YOU did it and now your are lighter and that half a pound is gone..The same for several pounds or more..Enjoyed your video and now to my exercise walking..Thanks and Blessings

  8. Yes I'm trying to lose 3 stone. I've lost 1 stone so far in 3 months. I don't snack anymore. I drink more water and I eat half the meals I used to. Average day 2 weetabix with semi skimmed milk. Egg salad for lunch then steak noodles veg stir fry using a side plate for portions. Drink tea and coffee or orange juice. Lots of fruit like plums raspberries and bananas. Also changed my bread to cranberry and green dead bread. Might snack on liquorish or rhubarb yogurt. My exercise is gardening. Walking dog and housework. Have more energy now.

  9. I feel like you are speaking directly to me. You have talked about the very things I am struggling with and offered good ideas and inspiration. I am so glad I discovered 60 and me.

  10. How do I deal with foods in my home that are toxic for me? My roommate is addicted to sugar. I am the one who does the shopping, but she pays for most of it.

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