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8 Weight Loss App : Trying A Fitness and Weight Loss App For 30 Days

8 Weight Loss App Video

8 Weight Loss App

Trying A Fitness and Weight Loss App For 30 Days

Trying A Fitness and Weight Loss App For 30 Days

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    Hi everyone! A lot of you are asking about my weight loss here. I really was only down about 6 lbs but I felt more all over tone. The workouts were only about 15 minutes long so some days I did do additional cardio just to add it in.
    –Weight loss: 6 lbs
    –My waist went from a 28.5 -> 27.5in.
    –My hips were 37.5 -> 36in.

    I know a lot of you were looking for more food etc. I tried to pack it in, but it was SO much for 30 days without making it like a 20 minute long video. Maybe I should do a followup with the best recipes? What do you think?

  2. With affordability being 5/5, how much is it? Is it a subscription or a one-time pay? Even the app store doesn't list the price

  3. second video ive watched of you im now subscribed you are so real and honest and you just seem like a really awesome person. I just told two other friends about you. so happy to have found you

  4. I’d rather this be a longer video with more in-depth discussion of this program. More meals, more workouts, what was your cheat meals? I love longer videos and have no problem with them being longer.

  5. I've been using this since April. I've lost 8 lbs, and it has toned up my abs, lifted my bum (I'm noticing that for the women, a lot of the excircises are leg and bum exercises), toned my arms, and even my upper and lower back. I dont use the meal plan. I like what I've been doing there on my own, but I did borrow quite a few recipes when I did get a free month. I kind of love this app. It gives super encouraging reminders every day when to work out as well (which you can set each time you work out too) I found that doing 4 days on, one day off, kept my body from tiring out and getting overworked, and I was able to go harder for longer with the rest period more often.

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