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6 EASY weightloss tips that will make a BIG difference

6 EASY weightloss tips that will make a BIG difference

6 EASY weightloss tips that will make a BIG difference

Simple yet powerful weight loss tips you may not know!

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  1. Make sure to check out my new outro! This is the first video my weight loss series!! <3 Comment below any video requests for this series 🙂

  2. This is the best weight loss tip video that I have seen so thx so much for make it this video I’m am going to start doing this right away.

  3. replace soda with water… i've thought of that before
    but the reason i don't do it is because my parents would probably be like "what why since when what are you doinG"
    and i feel embarrassed to show people i want to change. i don't know why tho, i just feel awkward 🙁

  4. So I lost 17 kgs that is 38 pounds by cutting of junk foods and being on a low carb diet.but you know what made this big difference ?its my will power.i used to get motivated everyday from different models .now I weigh 82 kgs or 164 pounds I still gotta lose 16 kgs or 36 pounds .wish me luck guys🙂

  5. I've a question. You said to avoid night snacks but I've to study overnight mostly and starving myself wouldn't be such a great idea. What should I do?

  6. my whole life I've never eaten junk food or sugary food or drinks and I only really eat organic food that is how I've been brought up, but since I was 12 I've always been a bit overweight can anybody tell me why? (I'm 18)

  7. This is exactly what Im doing right now, not calling it a diet but wantinf to eat healthy and taking care of my body. I was grown up with a lot of yummy and unhealthy food so this was dificult. My mom said just keep eating normal and cut out the snacks but I want to give it all or nothing 💕 ty for this video

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