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2 Week Weight Loss Workout Plan : Helping Men Fight Belly Fat

2 Week Weight Loss Workout Plan Video

2 Week Weight Loss Workout Plan

Helping Men Fight Belly Fat

Helping Men Fight Belly Fat

Listen up guys- In this week’s ‘Motivation To Move’ we’re learning why belly fat can contribute to a number of health issues, and some great ways to fight it.

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  1. THIS is one way to distroy your spinal cord and desks. If you don't feel it right away. You'll feel it later on your life. I've seen people on wheelchair because 20 years ago they use go there at the gym every day like a work place.. please and please don't do this to your self. All you need is 1 hour Walk every other day if you can do only half an hour every day that's the best way to cancor the belly fat.. .. and make sure you drink a full glass of water before and after every meal.. start your day with warm water with lemon fallowed by whole grain cereal and milk 3%milk. Then samething before bed.. .
    I'll guarantee that you'll see the result in a day's.


  2. Let's take a moment to talk about the negative health effects of over working out. Looking like a skeleton. Having gladiator spears for shoulders. Not having a relationship due to always working out. But no seriously. These work out aholics. They act like they better than everyone else. There are also dangers of over working out. Torn muscles. Serious heart attack. Tendinitis. Stress fractures. Mens decreased libido. Excessive exercise can actually hurt your immune system. Also who wants to look like their jaw is connected by wires like this chicks neck. It's just like saying hey dont smoke it causes cancer. But then again so does the air we breathe. The water we drink. The soaps we bath with. So live your life the way you want. If eating makes you happy. If smoking makes you happy. If your belly fat makes you happy. Then go for it. In the end. We all die.

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