Z Travel Cpap : CPAP Travel Machine Comparison Guide – AirMini, Z1, Transcend

Z Travel Cpap Video

Z Travel Cpap

CPAP Travel Machine Comparison Guide – AirMini, Z1, Transcend

CPAP Travel Machine Comparison Guide - AirMini, Z1, Transcend

NEW! – Battery system for AirMini

Nick from CPAP reviews looks at the Weight, size, noise levels and cost of the travel machines on the Market. In particular the ResMed AirMini, the HDM Z1 and the Transcend Travel CPAP.

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  1. Very helpful review, thank you! Couldn't possibly justify the 4 digit pricetag in my situation, but my ResMed breaks down into a carry bag that is less than a kilo and fits nicely in my suitcase in the space of about 3 shirts. Will check back in the future to see if the prices drop. Thank you!!

  2. i like the idea of this as I am very fed up with lugging my home version of the Resmed around. However, I do not see anything about the electricity supply which on the home version is in itself heavy and if these do not have a smaller one (the AC/DC adpater) then I don't see how they are going to be that much lighter or less bulky. Most of the bulk is the face mask, tube and electricity supply unit. any thoughts appreciated?

  3. You did not discuss the power sources. The irritating point of CPAPs is the power brick that mus also be carried. It defeats the whole point of portability when one is required to also carry other large and often heavy components. Rather than focusing on features, for me, it would be more valuable to learn about and see that actual bulk and weight of the complete package.

  4. The AirMini has the less "Clinical Equipment" look, but it's the noisier of all because pf its small profile and not a great design. This is a case where a great look comes over the convenience. I wish ResMed would make some muffler for this model. I have it just a few days. I can sleep with it, but it takes time, and it can't be my main CPAP device because of the noise it does. If you're a couple, your mate can also suffers from the AirMini. The noise is not from the device, but from the high pressure that passes through a thin airways and hose. I also would like to refer that ResMed hose has a bad smell (out of box) that my Respironics never had. Sanitising it with SoClean just made the small more bad. Last, the AirMini looses its bluetoth connectivity and you must take a shot of the barcode at the back (or type the number from the back) to pair it with your mobile phone. But if you use AirMini bed mound, this covers the AirMini back, so this connectivity loss is a big pain. Without these issue, the Airmini could be really a great CPAP, but don't buy it as your main device! It's just not in the same level as Respironics/Resmed full size CPAP devices in any aspect, though it cost more/same.

  5. With your Transcend, did you have any issues with lingering plastic smell? I’ve recently bought a fix pressured Transcend and can’t get rid of the plastic metallic smell even when I’ve run it for hours to air it. Furthermore, it didn’t come with a disk – when I contacted the company about the missing installation disk, they said only clinicians have the disk now (for configurations) which I find hard to believe. I’ve got a Resmed Airsense for home use and never had issues with the plastic smell.

  6. This was one of the videos i watched and based my decision on. I had purchased the Air Mini for $1600 dollar CAD thinking it was going to be a great machine. I want to warm ppl whom come across this video that its not very reliable. If you google "AIr Mini Mask Noise" you will find a lot of complains from ppl about the airmini. The noise is not from the machine which is rather silent. It's the HumidX chamber that causes a lost of sound which is not in this video.

  7. Just to add to my review from yesterday. The Z1 auto plus power adapter, cord,USB cable , HME filter, Q tube muffler, 10 pack of wipes & manual, in the travel bag supplied weighs in at 975 grams. Also I meant to say if you want to use your favorite mask with a ResMed there is an after market adapter available but you cannot use the humidifier they offer. Finally masks with a hollow tube with a top of the head connection produce the most air noise.

  8. The HumidX Plus humidity cartridges for the AirMini are worthless. I wake up after about two hours using the Airmini with the HumidX Plus with parched nasal passages.

  9. This is useful, but it was super long and (1) why not show what the masks look like, and (2) you said they're a bit noisy, it would have helped to turn them on so we can get an idea what the noise is like.

  10. Is there any reviews on the new transcend 365 mini cpap with heated humidifier as yet? Real humidification and any mask.

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