Xstream Travel Agent Reviews : 3 Things People Don't Tell You About Being A Travel Agent

Xstream Travel Agent Reviews Video

Xstream Travel Agent Reviews

3 Things People Don't Tell You About Being A Travel Agent

3 Things People Don't Tell You About Being A Travel Agent

This is a periscope broadcast I did in February during my lunch break. It reveals 3 common things that make being a travel agent less fun, and at the end I speak about a way to overcome all three of those things so that you can focus on Travel.

2 Dove Birdz is a home based travel agency. We also offer membership to a exclusive travel club unlike any in the industry. This explains what makes this opportunity so unique and so great for the average consumer.

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This is a opportunity for people who want to make a difference in their lives. Those who have the desire to travel more and create financial stability for themselves and their family. That is why I joined and it has made a huge difference in the quality of life my family enjoys. Watch the webinar and learn more. Don’t Hesitate about investing in yourself.

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We are the future of travel.

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  1. YES STAY FOCUSED OMFG! I know you're trying to be nice and accommodating but you REALLY need to not be something for everyone on everyone else's time.

  2. OMG, DUDE, I was trying to follow your video for the info but gotdamn, it is very hard with the constant interruptions, I don't see what the point is of that. If you 're gonna do an informational video, please do that. IJS. I hate to be critical but this is annoying as fuck!!!

  3. You should not stop at every person that enters the chat to speak, and answer a question….. That seems to prolong the video and throw off your speaking to being repetitive, You should also finish your sentences before you respond to the chat! I didn't remember or recognize the point you were trying to get at…… Or if that's your thing and you just want to show recognition to the people after u finish ur sentence you should recognize everyone at the same time like read then answer all questions because it's confusing when you just blurt out things in the middle of your sentence then try 2 pick back up where u left off especially if people are not looking or in the chat!

  4. What about the GDN or system; do you have to pay to access all the flights and other info to book clients?

  5. Hi I am a home based agent with a host. Where did you learn this information? My host never told me any of this stuff. Contact me at

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