Why Traveling Is Good For Your Health : Why Traveling Is Important

Why Traveling Is Good For Your Health Video

Why Traveling Is Good For Your Health

Why Traveling Is Important

Why Traveling Is Important

Why Traveling Is Important FreedomKingdom

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Traveling is one of my favourite activities. I try to travel as much as I can and visit different countries at least once a year (hopefully I’ll do that more often haha). Besides the fun, a traveling has an important value to add to your life.

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  1. जब हम यात्रा पर होते हैऔर घर से बाहर निकलते है तो नई दुनिया हमारे लिए बाहें खोलकर खडी होती है। हम अलग अलग जगहो पर जाते है नए लोगो और नई संस्कृतियों से रुबरु होते है ।यात्रा हमारी शारिरिक और मानसिक थकान को दूर करने का बहुत बढिया साधन है । चीजों पर पैसा खर्च करने के बदाय हमे यात्राओ पर पैसा खर्च करना चाहिए अाप देेख सकते है यहा
    कितने खूबसुरत पहाड है नदियाोका पानी कल कल की आवाज करते हुएबह रहा है हवा
    साएं साएं की आवज से बह रही है । एेसा लग रही चीड के पौधे सगीतंकी ध्वनि पैदा कर रहे हो please transelate this into eng

  2. There are two types of travelling – from time to time, when you have a job and can'r dedicate the whole yourself to travelling, others travel permanently, and I can't imagine what is more exciting than that

  3. I’m currently going to my senior year, after i finish College, i plan to quit videogames and start branching out in life. I would want to travel, ( not necessarily country by country ) but rather different cities and landscape, i’ll probably buy a motorcycle and a bike and that’ll be my source of transport, not only i get experience, i’ll also get excercise 😀

  4. i have a home work the teacher said describe a country that you want to visit it so iwould be différent for my college i would say that I would live in my country but visit country in my vacance but i don't know how I beginning please any person see my comment help me please because i researched in Internet but i didn't find any important information

  5. This is a bunch bull. traveling is a waste of time and money. This era of technology we can just view everything online.
    Being Rich is the only way in get happiness

  6. That first point is basically saying you should go on a cruise and not buy food, water, or clothes for the next 3 months. No thanks.

  7. Just used this video in my classroom. Thank you, I'm from Brazil (Huehue). Give a shout out to IBEU-Ceará.

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