Who Traveled The Silk Road : The Journey Along The Silk Road

Who Traveled The Silk Road Video

Who Traveled The Silk Road

The Journey Along The Silk Road

The Journey Along The Silk Road

There is a single railroad following the Silk Road route, which linked Xian, China with the Roman Empire by way of Central Asia.
Due to conflicting agendas, an international train route was never established. This documentary follows Ken Ogata on a journey to bring the Silk Road to life; starting in Turfan in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, he changes trains in the westernmost part of China, and proceeds on through Kazakhstan, Kyrgzstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and finally Turkey.

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  1. Quick! Break out the cup cakes and lemonade, we're all regressing to childhood where everybody was a friend and nobody had bad intentions. Was that ever true? Even in childhood? Yeah, right. You can trust nobody. Especially muslims. And the Chinese will find that out the hard way.

  2. At 1:09 I stopped watching because of a deveoloping headache, due to all the snapping edits. Imspossible to follow visually and that's why I tuned in. BAH!

  3. 472 people gave a thumbs-down on this video. This is the only video where I have observed humanity at its best. Bless you Ken.

  4. The u.s. is trying to provoke Iran into war and they want nothing but peace Trump the Coward won;t lift the sancations so the people of iran can be more independent what a fucking loser!

  5. INSPIRATIONAL!!!! From the emerging countries which were the Soviet republics, to the sacred places in Iran. The benevolence of the children who seem to know more of the world than politicians or ignorant adults like me. Mr. Ohashi has a refined nature about him that indeed keeps you interested.

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