Who Traveled The Oregon Trail : Ghastly Things Nobody Told You Happened On The Oregon Trail

Who Traveled The Oregon Trail Video

Who Traveled The Oregon Trail

Ghastly Things Nobody Told You Happened On The Oregon Trail

Ghastly Things Nobody Told You Happened On The Oregon Trail

It wasn’t all fun and games on the Oregon Trail. Some really messed-up things happened on those journeys, and it’s a lot worse than just dying of dysentery.

In truth, there wasn’t much conflict between the Native American tribes and early pioneers, who were mostly fur traders and missionaries. But that’s not to say there wasn’t the occasional violent encounter – especially once settlers started heading west claiming land for themselves.

Once such violent encounter involved the ill-fated Utter-Van Ornum wagon train, which would go down as the deadliest wagon train in the trail’s history. Led by Elijah Utter, the group included four families, 21 children, and a few former soldiers. They were attacked near the modern-day border of Oregon and Idaho on September 9, 1860, and 11 died in the two-day confrontation. According to the story, the soldiers with the group took the first opportunity to take the best horses and escape, leaving the party with a broken defense.

The group scattered, and one of the soldiers made it to a military camp outside Fort Dalles to sound the alarm. Over the weeks that followed, the rescue parties encountered several starving survivors – but the worst was a camp of people who had been so desperate for food that they had resorted to eating their dead. Colonel George Wright, who oversaw the rescue mission, later said the whole wagon train likely would have been able to defend themselves during the initial attack, if it wasn’t for the cowards who fled.

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The Utter-Van Ornum Massacre | 0:10
Accidental gunshots | 1:24
Quack doctors and granny medicine | 2:53
The Mormon Handcart tragedies | 4:07

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  1. Imagine trying to watch a video to learn some new information only to get beat over the head by some shitty stock rock music for 8 minutes. Fuck

  2. Ive been to the sight of the first massacre you mentioned. I drove the oregon trail last year. Really insanely long distance.

  3. Have you heard about the Donner party. They took the "shortcut" and got stuck in the mountains and had to eat their friends and families dead bodies to live. Gross, but i think some actually survived.

  4. Happy, happy, happy I didn't live then. Bet they stunk, no bathrooms. No cell phones. No YouTube. No A/C. No washers/dryers. No Starbucks; I buy the beans, grind my own. YEAH 2019!!

  5. I couldn't have done it. Those women were brave. We are so spoiled today, if they could see how we live, they'd probably think we cursed by the devil… LoL

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