Which Travels More Slowly In Glass : Why is light slower in glass? – Sixty Symbols

Which Travels More Slowly In Glass Video

Which Travels More Slowly In Glass

Why is light slower in glass? – Sixty Symbols

Why is light slower in glass? - Sixty Symbols

Professor Merrifield largely “uncut” discussing refraction… Professor Moriarty on the same subject:

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  1. Nice explanation…. but the phenomena of absorption and emission of light as it passes through a medium too can't be ruled out. Then my question is how the phenomena of absorption and emission affects to the path of life…..

  2. ask yourselves the very fundamental question: "why does light travel?" I see light as a spring, or a jumping insect that interacts with things it touches and is compelled to react and repel because of it's undulating local nature and small weight. even hitting the eye, it reacts on the retinal surface, after being diverted by the lens, the retina picks up the light and absorbs it but not without identifying the wavelengths before destroying the wave into IR and electro-chemical nerve impulses. the light has kicked like a baby in the womb as it's own unique rate, because of the opportunistic energies and frequencies stored and spinning. reflected light is highly filtered, and some absorbed, and some spectrally remitted as a visible reflection, making it's way into the lens and focused onto the retina. we have sensors specialized in size and shape for at least 3 bands of light, red, blue, green which have evolved to reject noise, so amazing. light is a spinning dancer like a whirling dervish.

  3. so really, the answer is….. we don't know as our models of reality are not quite adequate but that would have made a boring video, so lets waffle on lots

  4. Moriarty is brilliant but suspect for murdering Sherlock Holmes! Merrifield is on some speed or drank 10 strong expressos before the interview!
    However, ask them about Scalar or Tesla waves, these travel faster than light! If you just think in more than 4 dimensions all these models manifest into one, must I always give the professors the answers! 😏

  5. I just wanted to know why light travels slowly in a medium . It's a mess now . All the light waves superimposes each other. Alright but why does it slow down???? Anyone???

  6. So if the photon is taking every possible path through the glass, how does it still come out the other side with exactly the same energy and in exactly the same arrangement (in other words it comes out precisely as it entered)? I would assume it would get "jumbled" in the course of taking an infinite number of paths through the glass…

  7. Okay. let's see if I have this right. From a vacuum we have light enter a dense medium and it slows down as a result creating these "polarotrons".. When these "polarotrons" leave the dense medium and enter the vacuum again, after losing momentum, they somehow instantaneously accelerate to Light Speed once again?

    Do tell me…WHAT FORCE ACTED UPON THE "POLAROTRONS" to accelerate them to Light Speed? Was the mass they attained, when slowed, converted back to Energy? Okay. That is where the force comes from. Zero sum works for me.

    At what speed does Light become material and stay material. How much speed must I lose, how much do I need to slow it down, before it transforms into mass permanently?

    How can I permanently manifest matter from energy? (We can manifest mass temporarily through refraction as has been demonstrated in this lecture.) Energy was transformed into matter at the Singularity event. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed and matter is just one of the transformation states.

    Mass is Energy after all. E = m₀c². That is what the Mass Energy Equivalence Statement means.

    We can transform matter into energy in a nuclear furnace. That is how te Bomb works. That is how Nuclear Reactors work. That is how matter/antimatter annihilation works.

    But how can we take Energy and transform it into matter when we need it, in what form we need it, and at our beck and call?

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