Which Travels Fastest In A Vacuum : 5 Fastest Methods of Space Travel

Which Travels Fastest In A Vacuum Video

Which Travels Fastest In A Vacuum

5 Fastest Methods of Space Travel

5 Fastest Methods of Space Travel

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  1. Seems like the way to travel through space at the speed of light or faster would be through creating gravity through natural energy. A center of gravity in a craft would cancel the g-force that would normally kill a person from moving that fast. The person that worked at the test center near area 51 claims the alien craft they were trying to reverse engineer had a power source that created its own gravity or anti gravity. He claims when the device was turned on that it would push any organic matter away including himself, like the north side of a magnet facing the north side of another magnet. He claims that several alien space craft are stored in a bunker built inside of a mountain close to area 51. I believe his name is Bob Lazar.

  2. I don't know if this is just a poh-TAY-toe/poh-TAH-toe thing or not, because of being from opposite sides of The Pond, but my information says that the element used in one of the drives you discussed here is spelled 'xenon', and that the only entity spelled 'zenon' is the Girl of the 21st. Century in the Disney movies, and that the pronunciation is ZEE-non rather than ZEN-on.

    "Jeesh!! Are you picky!" Yeah, I know.

  3. Ahhh this Dumb-Fuck with it's heavy mouth breathing and shitty british dialect… the subject is desirable, the orator is revolting.

  4. The fastest spacecraft is not Voyager 1. It's the Juno probe launched on July 4, 2016. It accelerated up to a speed of 165000 mph.

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