Where Traveler Sf : Your Guide to San Francisco | National Geographic

Where Traveler Sf Video

Where Traveler Sf

Your Guide to San Francisco | National Geographic

Your Guide to San Francisco | National Geographic

See why this iconic American city is so much more than Silicon Valley and the Golden Gate Bridge.
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San Francisco has long attracted trailblazers and countercultures. The Gold Rush, immigration, beatniks, hippies, the LGBTQ community, and the tech industry have all fueled its enduring influence on American culture. Today its vibrant history, natural beauty and artistic spirit all make it a rich source of adventure for any free spirited traveler.

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Your Guide to San Francisco | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. I lived in S.F. from 1991-2010 down around Leavenworth and Bay St.
    San Francisco was a different town than, rent was pretty reasonable and the City, while still having problems was much cleaner than today.
    The Mission and even The Castro is being gentrified with Silicon Valley techies, hipsters & yuppies.
    Mom and Pop fresh fruit & vegetable stores along Mission and Valencia are disappearing and being replaced by Walgreens, Starbucks or "new" restaurants or brew-pub etc….
    EVERY Mayor I had said he had a plan to fix the homeless problem…….and EVERY Mayor failed.
    What happened to my City by the Bay?

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