Upside Travel Layoffs : One Simple Talk That May Change Your Career and Life ✓

Upside Travel Layoffs Video

Upside Travel Layoffs

One Simple Talk That May Change Your Career and Life ✓

One Simple Talk That May Change Your Career and Life ✓

This is my very own story of how I came from almost homelessness to eventually reaching massive success in my career. There are so many invaluable lessons in this story. I hope you watch the entire video and never make the mistakes I made. You’ll save yourself a decade worth of progress. I hope it inspires you at least a little.

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  1. Hello Deniz, I think I know what you are talking about and I feel the deep yearning to fulfil and live my potential. However, though quite intelligent and well educated (lawyer with bar exam), I'm a highly sensitive person, having complex ptsd, making it so hard, if not even impossible right now, for me to regulate my emotions and being self contect and strong willingly. Corporate life is such a pain for me with all its manipulations, toxicities, even atrocities, back stabbing b******, though I would love to succeed. Example: right now I just have to deal with working in our new business building with open office, which is hell for me as every noise and movement distracts me from my work and even sometimes feels like physical pain – how can I be strategic and clever etc. if I cannot even stand that?!!?? Am quite desperate to be honest. 🙁

  2. I am the one whom in the second category person, but thanks God I found you in this video, I am 38 yo now, start breaking the "wall" after watching a lot of your video, hope it is not too late. Join in LIG program will be the greatest decision I ever had in my life. Thank you Deniz!

  3. Watching your videos is motivating me so much more than you imagine and makes me feel think out of the box. Thank you for sharing the story. I appreciate it!

  4. I like how you went to the desert to go inward – just like the great prophets did thru millenia. Thank you for this experience. (And how is it I am hearing the twitter of birds with gorgeous songs?)

  5. Great insights and thanks for sharing these vivid experiences. As a Chinese i believe one saying the vulnerability will ultimately make you stronger if not destroyed you. I was once working for a top tier US bank as VP in the investment banking space and suddenly the downsizing came in and everything turned out to be very nasty around the office. There was a long period of time I was staying low as I felt ashamed to say gets laid off, until I find your video, thank you for the guidance.

  6. Hey Deniz, great job my friend. BTW. I am from Izmir also. I am in that lethargic state right now and the sad part is that I work for a great company. I know there are great opportunities within the company but I have no motivation recently to go get them. Thanks again

  7. Like that you spent precious time on collecting trash! I envision one day I will gather ppl doing that with me for both land and sea! For anyone that are still putting blame on money for their unhappiness or own misuse of money, there are many ppl or animals still needing it for necessity of living rather than happiness, give them and you'll see the value of money and get your happiness! One's unhappiness has nothing to do with money, is just you don't get the way of living happily yet. What a pity for money always taking unnecessary blames! I love the power of money!

  8. Really inspiring channel ! I came through one of your video and now binge watching all of them at 2 am in the morning ! On a job hunt lately in Dubai myself ! Great video sir . Thank-you from a fan ✋🏻

  9. I dont't know how to express my gratitude to you. With all your kindness to teach us, I can only give likes and have subscribed your videos. Many Thanks Mr. Deniz

  10. Thanks Deniz for your time to share life experiences with us . I am glad that I found your page. I wish you a great 2019 now 🙂

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