U Travel Lebanon : LEBANON is NOT what you think!!

U Travel Lebanon Video

U Travel Lebanon

LEBANON is NOT what you think!!

LEBANON is NOT what you think!!


I’ve been dying to come to this tiny Middle Eastern country of Lebanon for about 5 years now, and words cannot describe how happy I have been here over the last 4 days.

My buddy Georgio (who I met thru Snapchat like 3 years ago), has been kind enough to host me at his family’s house and give me the best local experience possible in Lebanon.

Unfortunately, Lebanon gets a very bad rep on the news as a dangerous place– but that could not be farther from the truth. My goal with this video is to shatter all of those negative stereotypes and let you know that Lebanon is a complete dream come true.

Have you ever been to Lebanon? Do you agree or disagree with my realizations on Lebanon? Comment your thoughts on Lebanon below!

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  1. As an American, I didn't have misconceptions about the Lebanese people because I've been watching documentaries and movies about them since the '90s. My impression is that they are a very strong, intelligent, vibrant and interesting people, and now I'm learning even more about them on YT. Cool. Ty. Also, their architecture is incredible. I did not know they had ski slopes.

  2. I am from Lebanon and I live there every day. I am very happy here and I am glad that u showed everyone how amazing Lebanon is . And I am happy when I hear my country get compliments because I don’t usually hear that because of the media .

  3. I get that you want to show the good side but let’s not hide the truth.Lebanon is consistently in trouble with Israel and they have Hezbolah leading them. 26% of Lebanon live in poverty and crime rates are rising and unfortunately people with different religions still have hatred toward each other smh.

  4. Thank for sharing and letting us know more truth about this beautiful country. Maybe it will be my next destination someday 🙂

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