Travel Zoo : Singapore Zoo , World´s Best Zoo! (maybe) – Singapore Top Attractions – Singapore things to do

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Travel Zoo

Singapore Zoo , World´s Best Zoo! (maybe) – Singapore Top Attractions – Singapore things to do

Singapore Zoo , World´s Best Zoo! (maybe) - Singapore Top Attractions - Singapore things to do

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We are in Singapore at the Singapore Zoo, one of Singapore´s Top Attractions to visit while you are here. This video takes you on a full tour of the Singapore Zoo and shows you what this zoo is like and what type of animals it has. The Singapore Zoo is without a doubt one of Singapore´s Top Tourist Attractions and is in our opinion probably one of the World´s Best Zoos to visit! According to Tripadvisor the Singapore Zoo is one of the World´s Best Zoo´s. Traveller´s Choice Awards list the Best Zoos in the world as 10. Henry Doorly Zoo 09. Bioparc Valencia 08. Tiergarten Schoenbrunn – Zoo Vienna 07. St. Louis Zoo 06. Chester Zoo 05. Prague Zoo 04. ZooParc de Beauval and Number 03. is the Singapore Zoo 02. San Diego Zoo and the World´s Best Zoo is the Loro Parque Zoo. So that means that Singapore Zoo is the 3rd Best Zoo in the world a placement which is very well deserved. We really enjoyed the many hours we spent exploring this wonderful Singapore Attraction – don´t miss it as the Singapore Zoo is without doubt one of Singapore´s Top Attractions.

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Some of the animals we saw and that are included in this Singapore Zoo video include Tigers, White Tigers, Elephants, Orangutans, Bats, Birds, Giraffes, Hippo, snakes (King Cobra & Gaboon Viper), Kangaroos, various Monkeys, Meerkats, Otter, Pengun, Bears, Rhino, Tortoise, Chimpanzee, Warthog, Zebra and many many other animal, bird and reptile species. Unfortunately we did not see Singapore Zoo´s most famous polar bear Inuka.
Unfortunately we did not have time to do the River Safari or the Night Safari. When you visit the Singapore Zoo be sure to get there early as the Zoo is huge and you are going to need lots of time if you want to see everything.

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  1. Aw memories – my grandparents lived in Singapore for a while so I’ve been to the zoo many times

  2. Hi..Maxi Maro.

    Beautiful videos excellent shooting, timing to picking up the poses of the animals,birds was great …How time time required to explore this zoo,?
    Are you Using I phone or what to shoot this video ?

  3. Amazing! A fantastic zoo. Clean area. Healthy animals. Nice video👏😍🦓🦁🐯 How many hours did you both spend for the whole tour there?

  4. I remember when I was small I studied here. I think I was only kindergarten. Every week I’ll always ask my parents if we can go to the zoo…good memories

  5. Very nice video, like all your videos…. Very professional…. Nice zoo also. They even have an Australian section…. You should come down here to Australia, specifically to Sydney and then to the Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise). You need at least a week at both locations, but come in the Australian ☀Summer…. There are cheap Luftansa Flights to get here, and if u go via Frankfurt, you'll get the a380 and via Munich, their new a350…. And u can stop off for a night or two in beloved Singapore on the way here and back to break up the crazy long ✈ flight lol….. 😜

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