Travel Yoga Mat Amazon : The Best Yoga Mats | My RECAP After Testing them All | Sweat Proof, Best for Hot Yoga, more

Travel Yoga Mat Amazon Video

Travel Yoga Mat Amazon

The Best Yoga Mats | My RECAP After Testing them All | Sweat Proof, Best for Hot Yoga, more

The Best Yoga Mats | My RECAP After Testing them All | Sweat Proof, Best for Hot Yoga, more

Best Yoga Mats (all sweat proof) – my ranking (both hot & normal yoga)
(1) Jade
(2) Lifrome Mat
(3) Manduka eKO
(4) Gaiam Sol Dry Grip
(5) Hugger Mugger Para

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Yoga Design Lab
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RECAP VIDEO & INFO on mats I’m giving AWAY. The mat you choose as your mat mate is a verrry personal decision. But if it helps wrap up #yogamatweek and gives you some clarity, here’s my recap video of the ones I liked the best.

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  1. I have CRPS aa neurological illness that causes chronic pain 24/7, it also causes osteoporosis. I need to exercise with a mat that is very soft and quite thick so I can stand joint and bone pain. Can you recommend something for me? I need help desperately and you seem to be very knowledgeable. I appreciate your videos, thank you and thank you for your help.

  2. Thanks for sharing the video

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  3. If you are reading this and you have psoriasis please beware of a yoga mat with latex it will likely make you have a flare. I bought a jade today and within 20 minutes of using it I had a terrible flare up on my hands and feet. Jade is not for me….psoriasis is hell.

  4. I need a yoga mat where my knees not hurt, some poses are hard to hold bcz of my knees getting hurt or I'm slipping away wich one helps me with that. The one I got is too cheap and too thin I think. Never thought Yoga is now for me a daily morning routine and nite also after working and sitting for hours …

  5. Hi, do you remember which Hugger Mugger color you are holding by any chance? It looks beautiful but I couldn’t find a color on the website that seems to match yours! Thank you! 🙂

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