Travel Without Passport 2019 : What's the Furthest You Could Travel Without a Passport?

Travel Without Passport 2019 Video

Travel Without Passport 2019

What's the Furthest You Could Travel Without a Passport?

What's the Furthest You Could Travel Without a Passport?

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  1. 3:43 one of the most interesting things in the video is that the easternmost point in the “US” and the westernmost point in the “US” (via travel not longitude) are both named Point Udall.
    That’s really neat.

  2. Well I've lived over seas for years and been around the world 2 1/2 times all with out a pass port. From the state of Georgia to South Korea, than back to Washington state on to Germany than a small country called Iraq twice…all I had to do was join a group called the U.S Army. They even let me have a weapon for protection, so kind of them.

  3. Isn’t a normal person either Indian or Chinese? I mean your chance of randomly finding a French person on the first try in a pool of the entire world’s population is around 0.7%, which I believe is roughly equal to that of you finding a transgender person, and idk if you’d consider those normal^^

  4. Unfortunately, St. Thomas in the USVI requires you go thru customs and have a passport on your way out, due to its proximity to South America. I assume it's the same for St. Croix, the only other island with a airfield in the Virgin Islands

  5. Drive from Nuorgam, Finland to Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport.
    Take an Air France flight to Noumea Magenta Airport, New Caledonia
    Drive to Tiabet, New Caledonia

  6. Inverness to Glasgow to London to Douglas (isle of man) to Belfast to Gibraltar to Stanley to Dundee is 27,295 km and you can do all that with some form of British id

  7. Ok this is the one. 11,400 miles … yes. You can fly from Bermuda to Heathrow then to falkland islands via Breize Norton and Ascension Islands without a passport. It is a military plane the last leg so you'd have to be British but it is legal for them to take you

  8. What if I go from South Caucasia to the Edge of Kamchatka at the bering straight? I'd be in Russia from start to end

  9. forget about the EU trick. if we only focus in one country, what about from say Northern Ireland to the mainland UK then to the falkland island?

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