Travel Without Luggage : Forget Packing! Go Luggage-Free

Travel Without Luggage Video

Travel Without Luggage

Forget Packing! Go Luggage-Free

Forget Packing! Go Luggage-Free

Everyone recommends packing light, but have you ever considered traveling without any luggage at all – just a few essentials tucked into your pockets? My husband persuaded me to try it for six days in France. For more see my blog post:

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  1. I love your video, music and aesthetic is wonderful. Im so impressed that you traveled this way. Im not quite there yet, but now I do travel with just a tote bag, and a tiny crossbody. It's so much easier and much less stressful to take as little as possible no matter how long the trip.

  2. This is a fantastic little video! It’s funny how we share such a similar story, I fully relate to the experiences you mentioned – researching and purchasing miniature versions of everything, washing clothes each day in the bathroom and the reactions from others when they find out I have no luggage.
    Good to know there are more unconventional travellers out there. It would be most amusing to meet you and your husband one day and chat about our ultralight experiences. Great work!

  3. I'm not sure if I have the guts to do that, but I can imagine how freeing and exciting it would be to travel with just what you are wearing. Definitely a challenge to consider in the future. Great video!

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