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#momvlog We recently returned from our time flying with baby! It was our first trip traveling with baby Miles that required airplane travel. Flying with little ones is something I think a lot of parents get nervous about. There is just so much out of your control which can be hard with babies and children who thrive on routine! I wanted to share our routine flying with a baby and sharing some of the travel with baby tips that worked for us!

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  1. I beg to disagree, I'm pretty sure I died at least once listening to my youngest baby cry. She cried All THE T.I.M.E.!!! But not so much after 15yrs. Apparently, 'Time DOES, in Fact, Heal All Wounds?' Lol ; )

  2. Thank you for sharing this video. I’m traveling for the first time with my baby by myself and I’m so anxious about it. Best advice “no one died because a baby was crying next to them!” You’re so right- it’s life if it happens.

  3. This social media has made everybody want to make a video and advise people on what to do. I have travelled with 4 mnth old 47 years ago from USA to India, Just packed what baby needed, British Airlines gave a baby cot which was hooked to the wall. All my friends travelled without any hassles/ issues.
    These days Utubers/ bloggers all are into money making….. looking at some of them and their houses looks like they are making good money. Working from home video taping and getting sponsored by co’s.
    They present their best side, clean houses and organized cabinets etc .
    I am yet to see a disorganized bad looking house🤨

  4. Thank you so much! I'm traveling alone on Southwest with my 10 month old. First time traveling with baby. You're the only person who answered all my questions with your video. Only thing that wasn't super clear is when/ where did you get baby's boarding pass? I'm sure I'll figure it out when we get there.

  5. You can cry all you want, cute Miles. I won't mind! Except, I wouldn't want you to cry–for your own sake! Would hate to see you upset!

  6. I'm flying to Florida alone with my 6.5 month old (what a coincidence) and this was so helpful! You have a new subscriber here 😁

  7. My husbands the same way, I’ll have myself and our son ready and he waits until the last minute to get organized lol

  8. Thank you so much for this videos, it helped. My daughter will be 6 months old by the time I fly and I was clueless as a first time mom flying with a baby for the first time.

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