Travel Warnings To Mexico : Travel Warning Issued for Mexico’s Playa Del Carmen Ahead of Spring Break

Travel Warnings To Mexico Video

Travel Warnings To Mexico

Travel Warning Issued for Mexico’s Playa Del Carmen Ahead of Spring Break

Travel Warning Issued for Mexico’s Playa Del Carmen Ahead of Spring Break

The American government is issuing a travel warning for Playa del Carmen after an explosion rocked the area. The security alert bans all U.S. government employees from visiting the town, while tourists are told to use “increased caution.” The city, about an hour from Cancun, was rattled after a bomb went off last month on a passenger ferry, leaving two dozen injured, including five Americans. Less than two weeks later, undetonated bombs were found on another ferry owned by the same company.

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  1. Okay stop it’s not dangerous. I went to cancun spring break last year and it was fine. I went clubbing and everything. Had my shirt off in all the clubs. No problem. Like the Mexicans say, “ come on amigo ish okay. “

  2. So if it was tainted wouldn't everybody have gotten sick or blacked out who drank the same drinks . Theirs only a hand ful of mixed drinks they make so at least minimum 20 other people should have been the same way . DO NOT LEAVE YOU'RE DRINKS EVER OR PUT THEM DOWN AN TURN YOUR BACK ! (GHB WILL DO THIS . IT'S THE DATE RAPE DRUG .

  3. LMAO Oh the irony. That's too perfect seeing a reporter walking barefoot along the beach in a summer dress with tropical drink in hand while informing us about how tainted alcohol at a Mexican resort that can kill us. Am I supposed to be scared or persuaded to go to Mexico? xD

  4. warning warning.. traveling to the usa may not be a good choice .. you may get murder in a school. church. vegas streets. factory,s.airport, a parking lot over a parking spot.shot or bit up by nazy, news paper the mall,s.. shot by police.shot robbed or bit up by gang,s. shot by road rage.. and the list goes on

  5. Typical ignorant Americans propaganda. Plays Del Carmen is safer that Orlando Florida and yet you don't see the government advising people not to go to Disney World.

  6. this video is bs i was just there last week had the time of my life. people go to chicago all the time and its one of the most scary cities in the world for crime

  7. Cancelled family trip to this area because of these issues. Probably would have been safe, but spending a week paranoid watching my wife and 2 daughters is not relaxing. I’ll go someplace else.

  8. How is this a surprise to her she's not in the United States she's in a foreign country not everything is a fairytale

  9. Man at the end saying Americans have never been targeted Wow lol that’s gotta be the biggest lie I’ve heard in 2018 lol whoever watches this please don’t take his word

  10. Thank you DOTARD, keep segregating Mexicans with the wall and painting Mexicans as BAD people as your scapegoats

  11. We went to Cancun in 2015 and Playa del Carmen in 2016 and it was the best time of our lives. It really sounds like propaganda to hurt Mexico's economy

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