Travel Warnings To Mexico : Is Mexico Safe?: How to Stay Safe in Mexico [Travel Safety Tips]

Travel Warnings To Mexico Video

Travel Warnings To Mexico

Is Mexico Safe?: How to Stay Safe in Mexico [Travel Safety Tips]

Is Mexico Safe?: How to Stay Safe in Mexico [Travel Safety Tips]

Is Mexico Safe? Mexico has been given multiple travel advisories, making many travelers worried about their safety when visiting. But is Mexico really dangerous? In this video we give you 9 tips to help you stay safe when traveling in Mexico.

Five states in Mexico have been given a level four warning on the US State Department scale. The highest warning issued. “Do not travel.” But we have visited three of those five states and have a different view. As a couple who has lived and traveled in Mexico for years – May being a Mexican citizen, we are sharing our best tips that have kept us safe.

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  1. all my family lives in Colima, Colima. They never said anything about the "dangers"…unless you are involved in organized crime.

  2. I live in the México City and its pretty dangerous im used to it but if you're not from México you might not want to travel in the México Subway

  3. Hi! I am visiting my mothers native state of Colima for the first time, do you think it is a bad idea to wear an Apple Watch? Am I better off leaving it at home ? Thank you!

  4. Let me be honest if you keep you're shit together you're good but I mean there are drugs narcos but if you don't mess with them you're good .and if you're a tourist be careful sm of the time it's the governments fault. btw be careful they might charge you more than it is because they know that they are torist

  5. Thanks for the important tips.I was a student in Mexico city,DF,in 1982 for 4.5 months.I was on my way to the Univeridad by bus with my fellow student,when 5 Mexican men grabbed me and held me down taking my wallet.It was very scary yet I was unhurt and all I had in my wallet was about $5 dollars of pesos.Thank god it never happened again.I traveled through Baja Californiain 1988,and had no problems,and it helped that my Spanish was better.I  also traveled to the Copper Canyon(La Baranca de Cobre) and did not have any problems.I also was in Tijuana in 1990,and a cop told me in Spanish to get my 2 friends and go with him for  a ride. I pretended not to understand him, and quickly left that area with my friends.

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