Travel Warnings : Multiple countries issue U.S. travel warnings

Travel Warnings Video

Travel Warnings

Multiple countries issue U.S. travel warnings

Multiple countries issue U.S. travel warnings

Japan, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Germany and the U.K. are among the countries that have issued U.S. travel advisories.

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  1. What?! In the peace-loving United States? Just because there are more guns owned here than there are people and we have mass shootings with regularity isn't any reason to get hysterical!

  2. Ya,so stay out . This is an emergency broad cast systems test if this where an emergency you would be notified by sound of gun fire . lol .

  3. That is absurd and political. There is roughly the same chance that you will be killed by an animal attack as a mass murder in the U.S. 400-500 people die each year from both. You have a much better chance at dying a different way like in an automobile accident, by secondhand cigarette smoke, etc.

  4. Given the atmosphere being encouraged from the top right now, it is entirely justified. Things right just don't make the US as attractive a place to visit

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