Travel Via Spark 5e : (animated) D&D 5E a spell that can ruin an entire playstyle.

Travel Via Spark 5e Video

Travel Via Spark 5e

(animated) D&D 5E a spell that can ruin an entire playstyle.

(animated) D&D 5E a spell that can ruin an entire playstyle.

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  1. This spell exists to discourage this kind of game because DND is not well suited to it. It's basically the system telling you to find another game to play if you want this playstyle

  2. Good God, so many people see a small rule change as some back breaking campaign ruiner. This change is reasonable, it does NOT indicate that the DM is going to change rules all the time, and you can not expect someone to foresee every possible hiccup in gameplay at the beginning of a campaign. The DM wants to have fun too, and if someone can’t handle a small change being made to keep a story from derailing, they don’t deserve the DM’s time and effort.

  3. As a first time DM, interested in co-running with my best friend (a more experienced GM), I have to ask – How does one co-run? I get co-writing, that's like brainstorming, but how does it work at the table? How do you do it?

  4. This is just another case where a small change from 3.5 to 5.0 produced, in my opinion, an inferior sequel: the 3.5e version transforms 2d4 berries held in the hand into the goodberries. In short, the 3.5e version consumed the material component by default.

    My general opinion is that D&D 3.5e compares to D&D 5e the same way that Diablo 3 compares to Diablo Mobile.

  5. -plays catfolk~

    Wait, am I a carnivore? Does this spell ignore the usual logistics that would imply?

    Anyway, that could be taken any direction you like, but being the only one in a party that's starving doesn't sound fun.

    Also what do you suppose would happen if a large, intelligent, half-starved carnivore just so happens to have a semi-convenient supply of 'meat' nearby? XD

  6. I don't know that hydration fits into nourishment. I'd see it more like a really good energy bar. Gives you a lot of calories to burn but very little actual substance and definitely no water. You'd get energy but your body would slowly begin to suffer from lack of a sufficient diet and you'd start to become deficient in vitamins and minerals and stuff.

  7. I'm toying around with an idea in my head to combat magical food. The basic premise is that anytime you eat food that was created through magical means you need to roll a con save to gain the nutritional benefits of the food. The DC of this check is the amount of full days you've gone without eating real food multiplied by 5.

    So let's say we get lost in the woods and the druid casts goodberry on the first day. That's fine, we've gone 0 days without eating real food, 0*5 = 0 so everyone rolls a Con save DC0 (or better, nobody roll it's an auto-win). Dawn of the second day the druid casts goodberry again, now we've gone a full day without real food 1*5=5 Con Save DC5. Dawn of the third day the druid casts goodberry for the third morning straight, we've gone two days without eating 2*5=10 so a con with a DC of 10, on the fourth day the DC is 15, fifth day the DC is 20, sixth day the DC is 25, and by the 7th day the DC is 30 so most people should be failing their checks after a week of surviving off of magically created food.

    This doesn't nullify food conjuration as the first day is all benefit, but it does reduce it's effectiveness over time. One caveat is you need to consume a full meal of normal food to reset the DC to 0. This rule is the same regardless on if it's goodberry, created food and water, hero's feast, or any source of food that was created by magical means.

    I'm still mulling it over and seeing if there are better numbers or any real flaws, but I'll probably be implementing it in my next survival heavy game.

  8. You kinda forgot that goodberry is one of the best healing spells in the game. You cast goodberry at the beginning of every day and make sure every party member keeps one or two stashed on them and suddenly your entire party can get people back in the fight if anyone goes down. It's amazing.
    Now for the broken bit:

    Lvl 1 Variant Human Life Cleric who uses their feat to pick up goodberry heals 4 HP per berry. That is 40 hp healed with a a single lvl 1 spell slot for a lvl 1 character who can heal 160 Hp in a day or feed 40 people. My DM let us make a few level one characters to assist our main characters and you can bet your very soul I hopped on this, they even have heavy armor proficiency.

  9. Im actually running a Survival heavy game.

    And, oh boy.

    Oh boy do Rangers make it super fun.

    I don't mind the party having figured out the loophole
    but then the Ranger died.

    and then my fun really started

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