Travel Via Bus : How is Bus Travel in the United States? Going GREYHOUND

Travel Via Bus Video

Travel Via Bus

How is Bus Travel in the United States? Going GREYHOUND

How is Bus Travel in the United States? Going GREYHOUND

My experience taking the Greyhound bus from Ukiah to San Francisco, California.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed using an Olympus SP-810UZ.

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How is Bus Travel in the United States? Going GREYHOUND

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  1. A few things catched my eye:
    1. The bus was an hour(!) Late ? Wtf how?
    2. Why does the bus driver get off the bus to take money/tickets from the passengers? This is extremely inefficient. He can just stey in his chiar and charge people from there.
    3.People have paper tickets? Sounds like the 80's are calling. In my country on most buses you can pey only by using a NFC card that also serve the proof of your peymen no papers needed.
    On city buses they took it even one step further where people swipe the cards in readers on the back of the bus to pey so the driver doesnt have to deal with money and can focus only on driving.
    These are preety simple steps to make bus rides more efficient. Grey hound should realy consider them.

  2. Greyhound is really not all that bad as people make it out to be. Every transportation company has break downs. Yeah greyhound can do a better job at booking there buses better but all in all Greyhound will get you to where your going. As long you follow the rules, pay attention, watch your surroundings, and probably have some back up money just in case of the bus is over book you get a hotel room instead of sleeping in the terminal.

  3. Greyhound is great but it's an adventure in itself! Been on them, and it was always an adventure 😎✌

  4. Gabe, I do like riding the bus but sometimes they can be unpredictable. I often rode it from St. Louis to Springfield and I rode shotgun on some of the trips. The plus side to me is that when you go around the big trucks, you can see straight into the cab of the big trucks. In the 1950s, Greyhound was much of a different company and very little did they step out of line. Sadly these days, sometimes Greyhound gets choosy on who they want on their bus. They sometimes feel if you are a man wearing a suit all clean shaven, etc, they feel that they can turn you away but if you look like a homeless person then they feel they will let you on. And I am not sure about maintenance, but the bus you are on was supposed to have Wi-Fi. So the Wi-Fi system on that bus was probably broken.

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