Travel Via Amtrak : 10 TIPS For Your First AMTRAK Train TRIP!

Travel Via Amtrak Video

Travel Via Amtrak

10 TIPS For Your First AMTRAK Train TRIP!

10 TIPS For Your First AMTRAK Train TRIP!

Amtrak is a great way to travel the country! If you are planning an Amtrak train trip in the near future then this video is for you. Today’s video features 10 travel tips that can help make your first journey on Amtrak a trip to remember.

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  1. For traveling on Amtrak, do you frequently have to get off one train and get to another? For example, I was thinking about taking the train from Dallas to Miami. Would I spent a lot of time waiting in train stations in different cities along the way?

  2. I've made 3 round trips from Pasco Wa to Elyria Oh, had great experiences on all 3. Great helpful personal. Did the Legacy lounge in Chicago, well worth the 20$.

  3. Hi , im travelling from niagra falls to new York on Amtrak , and have been told there is only one fare choice available (economy)does anyone know if this is correct please ?

  4. Amtrak Rewards points will go away over time unless you get the bank of America Amtrak cc where they NEVER go away. One point for every dollar charged. Double if used for Amtrak.

  5. In my sleeper I bring a bottle of wine or 2, a wine glass, opener, and a personal ice chest full of beers.

  6. Awesome video. You taught me a lot. I'll be traveling for the 1st time August 5 from NY to Orlando. I reserved sleeper rooms. It's gona be an adventure that I hope we wont regret….:-)

  7. I'm an Aussie who vacations in the US every couple of years or so… It wouldn't be a holiday for me if I didn't take an Amtrak sleeper on the Empire Builder, Lakeshore Limited, or the Crescent while I'm in country!

  8. Just a suggestion… Train Travel for the Wheelchair Disabled etc… “Stairs” and “Lengthy Location of assigned TrainCar” and if having to relocate to connecting train if required according to length of trip and destination, sound like an issue for the “Physically Disabled”? (Especially with luggage etc… and having to travel alone.) Probably NOT a good idea or Doable? What do you think? Enjoyed your informative vlog and love your HAT!!!
    I Subscribed 👍

  9. Frugal Travel Guru, thanks for these great tips! My wife and I have stopped flying and driving on long trips and take AMTRAK when possible. We get a sleeper. It's really worth the money to us. Our e-tickets are e-mailed to us. I print out our paper tickets at home in addition to having them on my i-phone. Eating in the dining car is a wonderful way to meet people and enjoy talking with them.

  10. We have done the Denver to Emeryville with a sleeper compartment and Chicago to Portland with the same. In another month we will do Seattle to Chicago in a sleeper. Relaxing, scenic and both trains were right on time. We love traveling this way and build vacations around the train trips.

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