Travel Vans For Rent : 5 Reasons to Rent a Camper van in Iceland

Travel Vans For Rent Video

Travel Vans For Rent

5 Reasons to Rent a Camper van in Iceland

5 Reasons to Rent a Camper van in Iceland

5 reasons you should rent a camper van to travel around Iceland. I’m breaking down how absolutely awesome it is to explore Iceland this way.

Book your very own Happy Camper van! 👉🏼

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  1. Thank you so much for your videos, I think I have seen all of them. I am Icelandic Canadian (Grand Parents from both sides) are Icelandic Canadian. I am planning a trip in within the next year and want to take my kids there for 1-1 /12 weeks.

  2. ohhhhh heeeelllllll noooooo. 1st class hotel accommodations, 4star meals, private jacuzzi's, laundry service, hot showers and baths, massages, WiFi, oh and helicopters and private limousines to "look around"….. is the way to go thank you very much. Effective concierge services are naturally a must, of course.
    I would be willing to toss out from our helicopter extra blankets pilfered from the hotel laundry to any "Green Camper Vans" slinking along the dusty tracks down below, if requested.

  3. Hi There were leaving on Tuesday and have rented a campervan. I am unclear of where to park for the night. Can you please list some safe spots? I love your channel, so much to learn.

  4. Hi!! Thank you for this helpful information!

    How many days would you recommend to drive ring road? We're planning on just doing it by ourselves by renting a camper van. Thank you! Hope you will answer my question 🙂

    Will check your recommendations

  5. I preferred having the Wifi as a device and not installed in the vehicle. The reason for this is you could throw the device in your pocket and have internet when you walked around a city/town. This came in SUPER handy in Reykjavik, especially the first day when you are trying to get your barrings and remembering where you parked your vehicle.

  6. Do you have any information on tent camping to road trip the ring instead of with a camper van? I’ve been trying to locate a map of sites and I saw you point at one during this video! 🤗

  7. Did that in Iceland, was difficult, the wind at the end of June gave me headache in a second and my ears were in physical pain😂 my back hurt from not having a mattress, but its all not important… i was surprised by people, travelers and locals… why everyone was so pissed and seemed suffering all the time? instead of enjoying the nature… i haven’t seen a single smile there… all 9 days in Iceland… people just never smile? Even never smiled me back to me when i was smiling to them:( i felt so sad and frustrated, first country like this i meet…

  8. I have been watching your videos for a month now, as my wife and I are traveling to Iceland in January 2019, and we both find them all very informative. Your topics are great (along with your bio., and story about relocating to that beautiful country), We will be in Iceland for only 6 days (our farm, and livestock obligations allow for it, at this time), but we both feel confident that we have a good sense of how to travel, and how to take in the best of what this country has to offer in that short time time of our stay. It's ironic although we haven't even been there yet, but we already have given thought on planning to travel back again to Iceland in the future, this time planning a road trip via renting a Camper Van for real overland travel adventure in a warmer month, probably at the end of the height of the tourist season (we always travel internationally out of season, as much as possible). Thank you, travel safe, and keep up the great work!

  9. Hi Jeannie: I am very pleased I stumbled across your channel as it is very informative and helpful for planning my future Iceland trip. Because I am a fairly low-budget traveler and would like to self-guide my adventures, I would think that the camper van be the best way to do my trip. However, I am aware that most rental companies do not allow people of a certain age to rent cars or campervans in this case. (Here in Canada where I live I am still not old enough to rent a basic car) As a 20 year old, would I be able to rent a campervan? If not, how old must I be?

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