Travel Until You Find Yourself : Wandering to find yourself | Rohith Subramanian | TEDxBangalore

Travel Until You Find Yourself Video

Travel Until You Find Yourself

Wandering to find yourself | Rohith Subramanian | TEDxBangalore

Wandering to find yourself | Rohith Subramanian | TEDxBangalore

This Jobless Wandering biker has more skills & experience than the average person you know, & he’s still 20 years old. Rohith, currently traveling across 46 countries, after riding across India) presents a very unique perspective on life & goals through this lightly autobiographical talk.

Rohith is on a solo bike journey covering 46 countries, 600 days of travel, 1,00,000 kilometers of journey.

Has already travelled for 120 days covering over 25,000 kilometers of this journey across 24 States in India and will be starting off the international leg of the journey from Europe and then the South East Asia.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  1. Dude! It seems like you come from decent financial background and your parents are also very supportive. I think you are quite free and don't have any major family responsibilities. Every other person in the world wants to travel and live like you but only thing which stops them is circumstances. Anyways best of luck , Enjoy!!

  2. if you really feel what you have done is worthwhile.. don't unnecessarily comment about your neighbours! Each one have their own values to follow! And Don't spread false propaganda about neighbours!! -_-

  3. Nailed it brother!
    It was great meeting you in Hyderabad and i'm glad i could meet a great person like you.
    you have one of the best mindsets in the world.

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