Travel Under 18 United States : 18 MOST UNDERRATED Budget Travel Destinations

Travel Under 18 United States Video

Travel Under 18 United States

18 MOST UNDERRATED Budget Travel Destinations

18 MOST UNDERRATED Budget Travel Destinations

This extensive list shows the 18 Most Underrated Budget Travel Destinations in the World. Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers, interview some of the top experts in the travel industry and give you pro budget travel tips on what to do in each underrated destination!





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  1. Another country to add, Albania! Lots of untouched beautiful turquoise beaches. It’s on the Mediterranean so the beaches are identical to Greek and Italian beaches, minus the crowds. Also the Albania alps👌🏽stunning. Albania has a lot to offer from the nature, friendly people and history. I’d say it’s a hidden gem in Europe and it’s really cheap compared to its surrounding countries.

  2. I loved Oman! A safe, warm, welcoming country with incredible landscapes and a culture that balances modernity and tradition. – A travelling Canadian 🙂

  3. This video is actually very useful…for knowing which countries to NOT go to if you want to avoid meeting douchebag hipster white "travelers" represented by most of the talking heads in the video.

  4. Things to do in romania: hike, explore the castles ,eat good food, don' t land in bucharest , land in cluj , the public transportation is ok there and is cleaner, don't take a cab, they rip you off, take a uber , bolt or yango, never eat in the old town is to damn expensive and for 5 euro you can get a full meal in a fancy place rather than a kebap,wear your backpack on front not your back , people steal in public transportation and they might cut your bag with a razor blade to get to whats inside, never book a hotel or airbnb in the old town the building is in a hight risk of colapsing , never trust people and exchange places use your revolut to pay what ever you need, exchange around 40$ that will be enough for 3 days for two people, some store prices: pepsi / cola 2l bottle is around 1.3.$ , 2 l water bottle is aroud 65 cents , pizaa slice is 1$ , a decent coffee its 1.1$ and you can get it from 5togo is the ghetto version of starbuks , you can get a meal for 5 $, the public transpot include the tram and the bus for 2$ / day pass or 0.5 for trip on a buss or tram line, a subway/metro ticket is 60 cents for one time or 2 $ for a day pass

  5. Novia scotia (cape breton) and Newfoundland are incredible. Vancouver and Banff get all the glory in Canada but the eastern coast is really, really cool. It's a cool mix of Ireland and Canada 🙂 plus, you can road trip and camp around all the maritime provinces easily.

  6. @vagabrothers
    Can you two make a video for what kind of healthy food/snacks you pack for when traveling internationally, or even just in the states. I've backpacked/traveled a lot throughout the states and internationally that a lot of people ask me how i don't go broke from just eating at airports. Explaining the food packing is definitely something i think a lot of other people should understand like what to bring, can or can't bring because i think a lot of people would be surprised on what is allowed or isn't. etc.

  7. myanmar is an underrate southeast asian country, $0,13 for water, $0.50 for grab rides. you should definately try their mong let saung dessert 🙂

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