Travel Uk Besides London : 6 Great English Places Outside of London

Travel Uk Besides London Video

Travel Uk Besides London

6 Great English Places Outside of London

6 Great English Places Outside of London

It’s been many years since I last walked the green pastures of England. That doesn’t, of course, stop me from reminiscing about some of my favourite places that my home nation has to offer. Naturally – having lived there – London is one such place. But England is replete with gems outside of the capital too. Here are my six favourite English places outside of London.

Editor’s note: the initial shot of “Dover” is not, in fact, Dover – but Seven Sisters in Sussex.

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  1. Excellent choices. Spent four months in Ilfracombe, Devon some years ago and LOVED it! Have never made it to the Lake District or Liverpool, boo hoo but York is interesting and Bath is cool, too. BTW, I'm so old, when I stayed in Bath, my B & B was 2 pounds a night. Really! (1977)

  2. I did take my wife to York and we visited the Jorvik Viking Museum. I had to explain it was supposed to smell like that and no I hadn't let one rip. Ahhh, the joys of simulated 7th century village life.

  3. All way entertaining. I just realized you don't drive, and work all the time, but you live in Chicago. There is this Concept I figured out a while ago. In most location, interesting, and exciting things surround most people. When people don't work, and have no money, you are limited on what you can do. When you have a job, it consume your attention, and time. We won't even mention kids. Because of this, most people have a better time when they are broke. I know in New York city they use to have papers where they advertised happenings. Chicago must have something like that. There must be places were you can hoofit, and see/do stuff for free. Anyone out there know of anything happening in Chicago?

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