Travel Trailer Worth : Questions to ask yourself before buying an RV! Must watch!

Travel Trailer Worth Video

Travel Trailer Worth

Questions to ask yourself before buying an RV! Must watch!

Questions to ask yourself before buying an RV! Must watch!

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  1. My husband is smart. You are smart. I not so much. This video was so good. I always stated I did not want a boat, (love cruising and the water and beach, and we live near many boat launches) but I don't want to insure it, nor lug it nor pay the gas for it. So no boat. Easy. We have all our adult kids living with us and 2 grandkids, hubby works shift work so there is time to get out and vacays are a stretch of time. I did not understand that when you tow something, it costs more gas. I do find hooking up and down a lot of work, we got too small a trailer, 17 ft. should have went to 24 plus a slide. I do know I don't like 5th wheel, nor the camper vans, bed location, and not in budget for motor home etc. Knew I did not want a tow vehicle. I like a travel trailer. So I got that right. I have resale because it is towable by an suv. As for taking the time to go, we are doing it, however, we should be doing some much needed renovation to our house, but there is no way with this many ppl living here. I hoped for the ability to get close to beaches. I am not a fan of  the campgrounds, I like boondocking, and we are set up for it. I do wish I had of had it when the kids were young and we traveled to my inlaws, that way the kids and I would have had our own place for me to cook for them and to bathe and have AC. etc. Life is funny, everything happens too late. Money was so tight back then, but we could have parked it in MILS land thus saving gas. We hope to retire in 7yrs. so we look forward to full time, and it probably will not be this first trailer that we got second hand but 2015 and only used for a month. As you were mentioning the lists, I had every answer going through, and this is an excellent video for someone considering an RV. I wish we had youtube when we were young.

  2. Yes! Also factor in your RV payment of $xxx, and all costs to take those RV trips, like gas and campground /lot fees, then storage fees; can most ppl even afford to RV? For the same yearly costs, a family could take a decent vacation with airfare, hotel, and a car rental, and not be limited by how far you can drive in your limited vacation time. People need to be realistic about their time and money. It's still better than a timeshare, but they really know how to sell the romance of the RV lifestyle.

  3. This was an excellent video and puts perspectives in a truthful line. I have sat here and yes indeed got all glorified by the thought of just living on the road…new back yards every cple wks to months….sounds romantic even! But in truth…this video is the go to advice before making the leap of buying a RV. My decision isn't made yet except i know it won't be a full time event for me. I like having a home…sticks n bricks. But I've now got the template for making a final decision…buy one or not. Thank you!!!

  4. You need to base your living life style on your ability to move about, your elderly years are going to present physical problems and getting in and out of a TT might be difficult, that and towing, hook-ups and all of the other things you will need to deal with. Can you imagine dealing with a wheel chair,!!! not going to happen pilgrim. When you become a career patient, your camping days are over so good luck.

  5. mschnurp: You are so right,!! I wish the wife and I did not have so much stuff, were tired and want to get rid of everything except just only what we need, and that's not much, you have a lot of life's battles won be not accumulating so much crap.

  6. #1 to live in full time. #2 to live in full time #3 to live in full time. 10 things…. to live in full time. 10 things… bed,shower,stove,heat.a/c,tv etc….. to live in full time

  7. Kinda unfair to Vibe to have their trailer on your thumbnail with a big X on it. I figured you hated your Vibe.

  8. Good stuff. We are about to retire so we will have less demand on our time so we will be able to travel more and I mean a lot of travel. This gives a lot of food for thought to consider. We have several weeks vacation in November and we are giving serious thought of renting a travel trailer for several days and just go out and see how we like it.

  9. If you really think it through, the answer to getting any kind of RV is always no unless you are retired and have the bank roll to go full time or near full time. That's the reality of these things. It is most often cheaper and/or more convenient to go another way. For example, stay at a local hotel/motel near a state park you wish to hike the trails. There may be some that wont have that option, but there are literally thousands and thousands that do. If you are retired and have the money, then the answer may be yes depending. Those are the only folks that will potentially have the time to actually get full use out of these things and truly enjoy them. No one else actually can. My recommendation for anyone considering getting an RV, TT, etc., is to try tent camping first. I recommend you do tent camping no less than 10 times before you make your RV or whatever decision. You may find you hate most or all of the activities that getting an RV affords you. You may find that its too much overall work to make this happen weekend after weekend, month after month. You may find that weekend reachable destinations are too limited where you live. And so on. Maybe you move forward anyway and buy one. At least this way you will really appreciate that RV. You earned that RV. You wont be one of those nit-picky spoiled brats on YT complaining about every single little freaking thing gone bad on their RV. OMG, like, two screws backed out on a chair. How am I supposed to fix that on the road. Dealer X is the worst dealer ever! Stupid crap like that. Tent camping really makes you appreciate an RV, especially when the weather turns on you. Plus you get to see lots of them. Units you would not have imagine you'd want, maybe now you do. They look very different at the dealerships than out in the wild. Walk up to people at the campgrounds. Ask them about theirs. In almost every case, you will find honest folks with honest opinions. BTW, once you've done the tent camping thing for while, I seriously doubt you will find 10 must have's in an RV. Your list will be more like 3 things. Bed, bathroom, AC/heat. Everything else is a would like to have, and not a must have.

  10. Fantastic video, you just confirmed why I am researching (to death), brands, models…by options, size and to me most importantly quality of build and materials used. Looking like a 5th wheel, likely grand design solitude. Looking forward to the touch and feel portion of my research and attending a few large rv shows. Can you belive I bought a new srw superduty 4 mos. ago…

  11. Reason 1: Place to live in if house destroyed by a Hurricane again. (In which case it will be home until the old home is rebuilt and we can sell it to get a full time Motorhome. )
    Reason 2: Way to travel with our dogs.
    Reason 3. …………………

  12. We just rented from we were thinking about buying but now I think we'll just rent. Cost us 400 for 3 days. Not bad really. No storage fees, no insurance yearly. Turns out the renter lives 4 miles from us. We returned it in better shape than it was in when we rented. Now he said he'll give us a discount next time. Perfect for us.

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