Travel Top Up Card : Best Prepaid / Debit Travel Cards Compared | 2019

Travel Top Up Card Video

Travel Top Up Card

Best Prepaid / Debit Travel Cards Compared | 2019

Best Prepaid / Debit Travel Cards Compared | 2019

I’m back again with my 2019 comparison of the UK’s top Prepaid and Debit cards for travelling!






0:24 – Benefits of Travel Prepaid and Debit Cards
2:27 – Revolut
4:48 – Monzo
5:37 – Starling
6:24 – SUMMARY of top cards
7:21 – Alternative Prepaid and Debit Travel Cards
(TransferWise, WeSwap, N26 Current Account, FairFX Euro, Dollar and Sterling cards, CaxtonFX prepaid card, Post Office Multi-Currency Card, STA Travel Prepaid Card)
9:50 – Tips on using these cards overseas
10:12 – Drawbacks of Prepaid and Debit Travel Cards


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  1. Hi all! Thanks for all your kind comments and questions!
    If anyone is interested I have just posted a full review of the Curve card – a single MasterCard and app that allows you to use all your cards in one, has cash back rewards and free overseas spending. Check it out below:

  2. Looking to go to Paris in September I am interested in starling however not sure which account to get personal current account or euro account? ideally I want a card I can use to spend and withdraw money out in Paris

  3. credit card to use charging when I take it out of the ATM and I don't go travelling so I don't know what to do and thinking about getting a credit card but I don't really know

  4. Jamie Brown. Was really hoping you do some more update videos on these type of cards… as you may or may not remember I did comment on here as I joined the Starling bank however been seeing some concerning reports lately of people complaining that they've had their accounts closed and not been able to get their money back and even more concerning not been given any notification of their accounts being closed for for what reason either….which concerns me as I've joined the Starling bank so far I've had no problems however I'm only using my starling bank at the moment for When I go abroad next year to Florida so in the meantime I'm only saving not really using it apart from trying it out by getting a cup of coffee sometime ago. So hoping I will not run into any problems as it's easier for me to save this way for spending over abroad as I refuse to use the post office money travel card as that was a complete rip-off and had nightmare with that card when I was abroad last year in Florida which pretty much every shop I went in would not allow me to use it or the transactions would be refused.
    So please could you do an update when you get around maybe look up about some of these complaints to see what is going on. As you are very knowledgeable about this.
    Thanks. πŸ‘

  5. Hello i would like to ask if i am a tourist coming to the UK and will stay with a friend ,, how can i get starling card ?!

  6. Absolutely great vid, very informative and helpful and agree with you Starling is the best one as this is the one I also use

  7. Hi Jamie,

    We're bunq, bank of the free. We really like your channel and wanted to give you an update with something that may be of interest to you!

    We are excited to let you know that we have recently launched our new bunq Travel Card: the best card to travel the world. With worldwide acceptance, it functions as a credit card without the risk of falling into debt. For only a one-time fee of €9.99, you can purchase a card for all of your travel needs at zero monthly costs, making it a convenient and affordable option. We’d love for you to check it out and let us know what you think!

    You can read more about it on Medium: ​ or check out our website here: ​


    bunq 🌈

  8. Starling bank is great I use it myself

    Can you do a video on how British people can get paid in different currencies abroad if they go work or invest there (houses) and then can spend them currencies

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