Travel Top Truck Caps : 2019 F250 LEER Cap BedRug Overview

Travel Top Truck Caps Video

Travel Top Truck Caps

2019 F250 LEER Cap BedRug Overview

2019 F250 LEER Cap BedRug Overview

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  1. Great video it help me decide what to buy.Thank You for sharing with us.Only I have question I'm new with pickup just have one as present from my kids.What about teal door are they leaking did you install gasket?

  2. We just spend 8 weeks in our general motors diesel 250 with the Alison transmission our trip to alaska. We pulled our 24 ft living in light toyhauler, traveled 9,670.00 miles. We left the last week of August and return to san diego the middle of Oct. We saw rain, snow, ice and freezing weather. We changed the air filter, and had a flat, picked up a nail in Denali alaska. The truck was reliable and did a great job. My husband loves his gmc sierra diesel truck, it is a 4by 4, extra cab for the puppies. With a nice large winch on the front, we pulled a young couple in Canada when they slid into the snow on the side of the road. My husband was a master mechanic for many years. Mr fix it. I felt safe in the truck during our long trip to alaska, during all the weather changes. Happy rv times🤗

  3. Full one piece glass on the side makes it look great my favorite shell so far like the full sheet of glass and the vent option to leave open in the rain! Looks great makes ur truck look like Excursion or Suburban. Looks so much better!!!

  4. Looks nice.  I highly suggest getting a spray on bed liner to fill  in all of the gaps between the body panels and most of the drain holes up front.  It will really cut down on the dust inside the bed of the truck.  I left only one drain hole open in front when I had my truck bed lined.

  5. Mike,
    Great looking truck. I myself am looking at moving up to a bigger truck . I currently drive an F-150 XLT supercab.
    My question is, What is the the payload for your F-250? I too am wanting something that will tow a larger travel trailer.
    Thanks, and really like your channel.

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