Travel Tips : My Top 22 Travel Life Hacks & Tips! | Jeanine Amapola

Travel Tips Video

Travel Tips

My Top 22 Travel Life Hacks & Tips! | Jeanine Amapola

My Top 22 Travel Life Hacks & Tips! | Jeanine Amapola

HELLO FROM NORWAY! Here are 22 of my best travel life hacks and travel tips! I travel quite often so I thought I would share all my little secrets 🙂 I hope you guys find this helpful!!! See you soon!!
Travel Life Hacks, Organization Tips, Outfits, How To Pack, & Carry On Essentials!-

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  1. Thank you this was very helpful as I am travelling abroad on holiday in two weeks. ILYSM I have watched your vids since 2015!

  2. To get money right out of the ATM is not smart at all. ATM's are notorious to having skimmers to steal ALL YOUR MONEY. So she said it saves you money at the ATM then at the airport, that's true but you risk losing all your money… Your choice

  3. 1. Check in for your flight 24 hours before your flight.
    2. Ask the flight attendants if there are available seats (not in the middle or at the back).
    3. Use Ebates on Expedia.
    4. Always compare Uber and Lyft rates before getting a ride.
    5. Always have a photocopy of your passport or take a photo of it.
    6. Let your bank/s know that you're traveling.
    7. Don't take a lot of cash with you, (max $100)
    8. and don't take it out at the airport.
    9. Watch her packing video.
    10. Always bring an extra outfit in your carryon.
    11. Avoid as many layovers as possible to avoid losing suitcases.
    12. Take meds to prevent jet lag.
    13. Make playlists offline in advance.
    14. Use over the shoulder, zipped up bag.
    15. Global entry (?)
    16. Download the map of the country you're visiting.
    17. Travel with carryon only whenever possible.
    18. Try traveling on Wednesdays, if you can.
    19. Pack oatmeal.
    20. If you're bringing hair tools, get travel adaptor for hair tools at Target.
    21. Turn your phone into a little hotspot.
    22. If you have a very long layover, explore the city and turn it into your second travel destination.

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