Travel Through Space : Stunning New Universe Fly-Through Really Puts Things Into Perspective

Travel Through Space Video

Travel Through Space

Stunning New Universe Fly-Through Really Puts Things Into Perspective

Stunning New Universe Fly-Through Really Puts Things Into Perspective

This new European Southern Observatory animation was created to celebrate the opening of the new ESO Supernova Planetarium in Germany. It begins from the home of the new facility in Garching and zooms out to the “end of the Universe,” according to ESO. — 10 Space Discoveries by the European Southern Observatory:

ESO/L.Calçada/ Music: Jennifer Galatis

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  1. So galaxy move, but the star we are next to does not? SN: I think it’s safe to say the universe is full of life living organisms.

  2. I really believe we are so lucky to be humans. We have the capability to further understand the universe, consciousness, and what it means to be alive. It’s a waste when someone throws their life away by just thinking money is the most important thing…I want to discover something in the future about our brain or the universe so I know I impacted the world

  3. I’m not religious at all but look how vast this universe is. We have no idea what the universe is, why it exist, where it came from, or if it creates itself. Either way if the universe created itself or if something created it, that is our higher power right there. What in the actual Fck is the universe? Wouldn’t it be easier for nothing to exist at all? But the fact of the matter is the universe does exist whether we are here or not. Now let’s figure out what the universes actual function is because it’s got to be apart of something bigger. I can talk about this for weeks I have so many amazing thoughts about space and quantum physics. Before I die, I need to know if there is other life out there. I believe with 99% certainty we are not alone at all. This video is awesome thank you.

  4. Have you ever think real hard . like whats out there in space. Life. Etc. Who made the universe , why we here, how this started in the first place. Their other people or creature out there in other planets living as we speak. we definitely not alone.

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