Travel Through Canada : How A Cross-Canada Road Trip Brought Us Back to Reality

Travel Through Canada Video

Travel Through Canada

How A Cross-Canada Road Trip Brought Us Back to Reality

How A Cross-Canada Road Trip Brought Us Back to Reality

A full account of our cross-canada road trip, from the east coast to the west coast to the arctic coast. Plus, how this epic adventure convinced us to live in our van for 2 years and eventually start homesteading.

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  1. I discovered you by accident but wow what an inspirational story. So real and so down to earth, I felt like I was there with you. Watching this moves me to do something about my life. I hate my 9-5 life and the corporate machine that condition us to be like robots. What you say is so true at the 17 minute mark.

  2. this sounds a lot easier said than done… how does one travel that much withouot an income? 2 years on the road means thousands and thousands of dollars just in food and gas…. where does that come from?

  3. as soon as I graduate I've planned to travel travel travel for years now, you are so right about the reality thing man!

  4. I'll subscribe and follow you, but the minute you start talking about 'sustainability and man-made climate change,' I'm out. I'll unsubscribe. Sick and tired of hearing about this scam, when the majority of the worlds 'real scientists' totally disagree with the Agenda 21 driven lies put out by Al Gore and his lying mob of Globalists.

    Let us enjoy your travels without all the political crap!

  5. Unquestionably, the single best video I have yet to see for hitting the road, as it were. The way in which you have pieced this story together is a superb lesson on how to "YouTube" properly and not just from a technical standpoint, but from an inspirational one as well. Thank you so much for this.

  6. Where did you find a woman who is willing to do this? I mean, it has to take a certain personality type, raised a little different, fed up with jobs and playing the normal day to day. So, maybe she wasn't into it in the beginning…I mean after the honeymoon, and then maybe just didn't want it to end? idk, You two are living the dream. So, why don't I go out on this alone? well, for one I would have to leave a few people that are reliant on me behind and I have a hard time with that. I know that if I go out on an adventure like that I will probably never return. Money is a big issue as well, if I can make money along the way doing handyman type stuff or building things without having to register and have a license in every state I travel thru then maybe it is possible for me to go on the fly…but I still have to leave those here who rely on me. I don't have kids, I am talking about parents… Sure they would understand my desire to go but I don't know that there would be anything to come back to if I left for a few years and returned. I guess that is my biggest reason then.

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